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The US always does this

The report released by BBC dropped like a bomb three days ago. According to the report, which revealed a dirty alliance among DAESH, the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and the U.S., hundreds of Daesh terrorists left the city in convoys in October in agreement with the U.S. and Kurdistan Workers’ Party/Democratic Union Party (PKK/PYD). In videos released, it was seen that Daesh terrorists left the city under the protection of the U.S. and PKK/PYD. The spokesperson for the U.S.-led coalition against Daesh Colonel Ryan Dillon’s statement regarding the issue was a disaster.

In summary, “As civilians were being evacuated from Raqqa, Daesh terrorists might have blended in,” says Dillon and almost scolds the rest of the world shamelessly with his words that meant “Why are you surprised?” The news was scandalous and terrible but nobody was surprised anyway. Because the U.S. made a similar deal with Daesh through PYD in Manbij, and that too appeared in media organs.

Besides that, it is not a secret that when the U.S. interests in the Middle East necessitate it, the U.S. makes deals with terrorist organizations. This is not the first time the U.S. has done this. It was the same U.S. which established al-Qaeda, raised, used it, and destroyed it after it was done with it. Also, it has not been 100 years since this story; those incidents - as I wrote before - occurred only a few decades ago during the Cold War period:

“When the Soviet Union occupied Afghanistan in 1979, opposition in that region was organized by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and other intelligence agencies in the region. The CIA drove those paramilitary powers on Russia, providing them with every kind of resource including money, arms and Stinger missiles, which were very famous by that time, and with the unlimited support of Saudi Arabia. Fighters originating from Saudi such as Bin Laden, the U.S. later said that it killed and threw him to sea, played a significant role in this war against the Soviets, and those fighters received both military and doctrinaire training from CIA in the Afghan war and refugee camps. The first groundwork of the al-Qaeda network was laid in those camps.

In other words, even though it is wrong to say that Bin Laden was a direct CIA agent, those camps and affiliated fighter networks were established with the support of CIA. Upon the withdrawal of the Soviets from the region, we all watched what happened with the radicalization of al-Qaeda and its targeting the U.S. directly, how the Middle East was buried under war, conflict and chaos, which would last for years, and how it turned into a bloodbath.

Is it only al-Qaeda? A similar situation was a matter for Taliban, too. According to sources which can be accessed anywhere, the U.S. administration secretly gave explicit consent to the existence of Taliban until 1999. Because it wanted to increase the chance of constructing a strategic pipeline which would enable the export of natural gas and oil of the Middle East through Afghanistan. After the 2000s, Taliban was so demonized that girls who were able to escape Taliban and continue their education received Nobel prizes. Taliban, which the U.S. converted to a monster or at least allowed this, was turned into a cruel terrorist organization and its members were turned into crazy torturers when it became useless for the U.S. Once again.” (Mar. 4, 2016 - Yeni Şafak).

Even though they do not know the details - in fact - each country and their citizens in the world know from their numerous experiences that if there is an American interest or plan in the Middle East and anywhere else, a terrorist organization suddenly appears there and then it turns into a bloodbath. That is why, nobody is surprised by those news.

Just as nobody will be surprised if it is revealed in a few years from now that Daesh was driven to the field by the U.S. to open an area for the PKK’s so-called state planned to be founded in the south of Turkey… Rumors have already circulated. Today many people believe that the U.S. established Daesh and that the CIA trained its leader Baghdadi in Bucca. 

How can they not believe it when the method is the same with al-Qaeda? Daesh supposedly emerged for the rights of the Sunni, just like al-Qaeda, but it always killed Sunni or Shiite Muslims. Those organizations (al-Qaeda, Taliban and Daesh), which explain slaughtering Muslims with jihad or salvation, harmed Islam the most by associating terrorism with Islam. All three of those organizations were - supposedly - anti-western and representing the salafi/Wahhabi tradition.

As you can understand, Daesh has become the new version of al-Qaeda and Taliban that were broken down and put away. All of them were projects of the global powers, but it took years to understand which power was behind al-Qaeda because it was planned more cleverly and the first of its kind. Al-Qaeda first fought against Soviet Russia and then turned it toward the U.S. The case of Daesh was extremely obvious from the beginning. As it had no problems with Israel at all, it beheaded many Muslims. Besides, it became very evident that it was planned for the PKK’s so-called state. From now on, scandals of the U.S. will become more obvious and the purge of Daesh will start. Because Turkey has rained on their parades as the phrase goes.

Let’s hope that the U.S. will not “drive” Daesh into Turkey for urban terrorism and withdraw  following a conflict. Remember that former U.S. Ambassador to Turkey John Bass even counted the months and said that there hadn’t been a terrorist attack in Turkey for nine-and-a-half months.


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