The atrociousness named 'Let's send the Syrians back' - ÖZLEM ALBAYRAK

The atrociousness named 'Let's send the Syrians back'

Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu's (the leader of the Republican People's Party ) “We will send our Syrian brothers and sisters back, every person will feel happy in their country, in the lands they were born” statement is being criticized, naturally.

We can't assume that Kılıçdaroğlu doesn't know that those “Syrian brothers/sisters” have almost no country left? There is no argument that can rationalize a person's departure from his home, country and everything without any reason.

Then, why did CHP leader state those words? What's the reason for this racism that smiles at us from under the mask of compassion? Is it a blind negation policy towards every action of AKP, whether it's right or wrong?

If I didn't know that the white Turks had objections for harboring Syrians and that even encountering a Syrian in the street is a nightmare for them; I would have said yes to this question. If I haven't witnessed the blatant hostility in Şişli, Teşvikiye and Baghdad Avenue, I would have said that this was due to their anti-AKP behavior and move on.

However, it's not.

Even though the CHP leader entered the phase of “we've changed, we've taken off our regime guardian shirt” with the worry of collecting votes; those rooted national reflexes are passing to him from his subconsciousness. The “We will send them home” statement is a part of that subconsciousness.

Let's take a look at it from the beginning; the personnel, who have the objective of creating a nation-state with things left behind from the empire, separated and simplified the foreigners and minorities, made all the other languages other than Turkish illegal, and adopted the Sunni interpretation of Islam with the condition of “not going to an extreme in worshipping and not being distinguished from a Westerner in display” as a strategy of constructing a nation. Besides, the Arabs, as an element of foreigners' hostility, were classified as bedu who backstabbed the Turks. Arabs were turned into hatred objects for the new generations through ideological devices of the new government and especially through the curricula in schools. However, their Westernization and modernization mottos and the idea that they were “ahead” of us paved the way for not showing a severe objection to Westerners. However, the foreigner hostility of the founding mind, whose teachings were passed on to each one of us, was/is quite sharp; -as you know- in the tiniest case of disagreement, chauvinist statements against our “Western friends” bursts out. This is the origin of slogans like “A Turk has no other friend than another Turk”, “One Turk is worth the world”.

Thus, there is a sociological base for Kılıçdaroğlu's attempt to send the Syrian immigrants back home, and this base is too Sunni and elite to call this coltishness. These people are white Turks and the origin of their approach is Arab hostility. This is the reason why the “they are feeding off our earnings” grunts directed at Syrians are coming from Şişli, where people lived their whole lives above average, rather than Pendik, where people are barely getting by. However, there is also another reason for this; Mercilessness.

During the process of establishing the nation-state, maybe the traumatized residual of the emperorship could only be gathered together by presenting it as a common dream for them. In other words, maybe what Atatürk and his personnel did was what was supposed to be done in that period. However, despite completing the technical aspect of the task, the spiritual common good notion could not be established during the nation-state establishment. Actually this is why the cement didn't settle.

If I extend this, while the religious infrastructure values were rejected, no new values were established to replace them. Even if they are earthly, human communities need some common values called “morals” –even if it's only for show. In the West, these were organized within the context of non-religious themes like anti-racism, the right to live, freedom, equality and reducing poverty. In fact, the personnel of the Republic of Turkey cautioned the future generations to guard the Republic so much that there was no room for any susceptibility left in the nation.

Look at the NGOs' - of the religious segment - aid activities towards all the corners of the world. From Africa to Gaza –whether Muslim or not- they are trying to help everyone; including the Syrians… However, in the opposite neighborhood, neither were the NGOs developed nor a humane susceptibility in any matter managed to sprout.

There might be some who think that I'm being unfair to this sociology; because the display I've picture is not that pleasant. However, unfortunately, I cannot find any other argument against this joint atrociousness that has gone mad enough to say, “Their women are prostituting themselves” towards Syrian immigrants who desperately ran to Turkey.


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