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The assassin anatomy

Last weekend, a judge acted ultra vires by ruling to release the 75 suspects who were being tried for unlawful wiretapping and other relevant crimes. Because these suspects were from the same community as the judge, which is referred to as the “parallel structure” and is also known as the Gülen Movement.

I am sure that the judge thought about, or at least was aware of the fact that his decision may not breed any results, and even cost him his career. Nevertheless, he proceeded with the ruling. But we know that each balloon that is blown has a tendency to burst or deflate; and the released balloon –as you already know- burst.

In a way, what the judge did here was an act of “occupational suicide.” The same way many of the Gülenist police officers -who are currently facing charges- have done in the past. The same way Gülenist journalists choose to make moves which are ethically wrong, and mean a denial of the political legitimacy, and result in a loss of societal reputation. In fact, they are the same.

I am not even debating the criminal dimension of this issue, nor the fact that it is necessary to bring down this unlawful structure for ensuring democracy and its permanence in Turkey…

Primarily, I am talking about the fact that what we have been watching for months now is being administered from a control panel, and how strange this situation is.

It is such a control panel that it is situated at a place where no established political or legal mechanism can reach it. The moment someone presses the button, people who are lined up like tin soldiers are assigned to “duties” which will eventually destruct themselves without any hesitation. But this sacrifice is not a reciprocal matter and things do not proceed as emotionally through a romantic backdrop at the top: the fire –which they hoped for would fall on houses- is apparently burning in their eyes; and the moment a possibility to put the government in a difficult situation appears, they give instructions to the executors. They do not hesitate to destroy every single achievement that a “loyal” member has built throughout his life and became a judge even if there is a possibility to “Bother President Erdoğan” –even though they know that it will not yield results.

The spiritual self-enclosure of these people has been ensured by a high ideal motto, which is filled with fragments of Islam on the inside and cannot be comprehended by anyone outside of the movement. Therefore, while they nurture grudges against all Muslims, they choose to reflect their crimes and don't take a look in the mirror, despite having all of their worldly and ethereal legitimacy principles, and do not have a leg to stand on. They even think people cannot understand them.

But if they actually took a look at the mirror, they would see:

Their gatherings and conversations consisted of rather emotional rhetoric where people would be brought to tears, but the decisions are made based on tactics… The wording is filled with Qur'an and the Prophet, but they act un-Islamically and unlawfully, and these moves are legitimized through advertising tricks…

One would think that they promise spiritual comfort, but being a member requires paying a price every day, which previously used to be “cash donations” and now are referred to as “life donations.” Their leader enjoys a reputation in terms of representing Islam, but he does not like Muslims; for the sake of causing harm to the ones he does not like, Fethullah Gülen does not hesitate to curse, or to wipe the floor with his loyal members who sacrificed their lives for him when he deems necessary. Thousands of loyal followers have been trying to feed a gigantic ambition for years and they cannot go about considering the rules of Islam, because they are too occupied with feeding his ego. Nobody remembers the last time they made an Islamic act.

This is why a person, whose decisions are unquestionable and his followers abide by this even when they are demoted, who is referred to as the “Assassin” by President Erdoğan, and as a mania by myself, is found as a determinant.

A mania is something that “Forces us to lie about it and even commit a crime.” Generally, it is not a smart thing to do, nor is it ethical. It blinds a person, takes away the sense of reality and transforms the person into a miserable lunatic.

There is no other solution but to wish for their amelioration. Let us do so.


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