Terror and the rest of the neighbors - ÖZLEM ALBAYRAK

Terror and the rest of the neighbors

In the article that I wrote last week (13.11.2015), titled "The refugee crisis of Europe and its causes," I wrote that the European states did not want to accept refugees and this could not be accepted as moral.

The reason for their refusal was concern about "sterility." This concern is used to gradually devolve into xenophobia and racism.

Well, it was not moral, it was against the values of all civilizations throughout history.

But just like depletion of the ozone layer, pollution of the atmosphere or causing extinction of some animal species although they are condemned universally, although they are accepted as a crime and rejected with a moral hatred, they exist.

Terror also exists. Since security has been top priority of modern societies, even if terror becomes the most condemned, cursed and hated method of breaking peace and declaring war, it exists.

Even though it got a reaction from the entire world, the latest terror attack that took place in Paris and was claimed by DAES was not the first one and will not be the last one, either.

Because the extreme poverty of the poorest is in fact a reflection of the extreme fear and weakness of the rich in a Middle East that is humiliated being called a “quagmire” each day that passes in insecurity, in a state of war and under bombs, it means the “secure” border of the western countries are under threat and danger.

Bush's declaring crusade against the Middle East in the war “against terror” then razing Iraq and of course dividing it, after that changing the sectarian balance in the region and becoming increasingly unstable would of course cause a suitable environment for chaos, namely terror.

Namely, the war Bush waged against terror led to an environment that engendered terror.

As for Syria, contrary to Bush's intervention in Iraq, the silence of international society and the world countries who call themselves peaceful and do not take a single step to stop Assad's massacres caused chaos and terror. In the end, in the field of death that has been around for years in the region, only terror organizations sprang up.

Eventually, it was a mistaketo intervenein Iraq, but not to intervene in Syria.

As for the theses of those who explain that the terror attack in Paris was because Syrian policies of France was different from other western countries, these are relatively correct.

Because besides Turkey and Qatar, the attitude of France against the Assad regime was quite explicit.

Hollande was almost the only European leader who was insistently and explicitly defending that Assad should go.

Again when seen in the overall scale what is inevitable is that the security concern that turns almost all big countries into a police station will be as big as the insecure regions in the world.

I am not talking about that classical Karma philosophy that says “what is given to the universe returns.”

In a world in which no matter how much nations try to close them, borders cannot be protected, it is reality that more than someone's neighbor's going to bed hungry, one should be responsible for the rest of his neighbors otherwise that restlessness could become an epidemic.


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