Some functions of the 'Turkey supports DAESH' thesis - ÖZLEM ALBAYRAK

Some functions of the 'Turkey supports DAESH' thesis

The current situation on the “Is PYD or DAESH more dangerous?” discussion is interesting. Such that, each analysis that does not angelize the PYD - which seems to establish a state with the cantons it added edge-to-edge in front of the world's eyes - and does not demonize DAESH is considered missing, and is even gradually accused of supporting DAESH.

However, the American and European media's polishing PYD women with Kalashnikovs or America's airborne arms aid for the PYD organization to clear the region from DAESH doesn't require Turkey to take PYD out of the terror organization list.

Over-romanticism is the loss of reality, let's be realistic; for Turkey PYD is the organic arm of outlawed the PKK and the PKK is a terror organization that killed innocent civilians for decades in Turkey.

A branch of this organization is dominating 400 or 500 kilometers of border by putting the cantons together just under the southern border of Turkey. Especially if Turkey did not take part around the table when this plan was made, by the “military resources” it may be considered as worrying with regards to the security.

The situation we are talking about is not new; I don't think the “Turkey supports DAESH” message the parallel organization wanted to give to the world by stopping the MIT (National Intelligence Organization) trucks is only the product of the parallel members' mind.

Because from that day till today, all the national and international media against Erdoğan handled the same thesis. The response of this attitude in the politics became visible with Demirtaş's “We won't let you become President" expression.

However Turkey, even if with good intentions, worked at not disrupting the resolution process;-like opening the gates for those who came from Kobani, mobilizing the Peshmergas to defend Kobani, treating hundreds of wounded members of the PYD-could not avoid being branded as supporters of DAESH. In spite of all of this, Demirtaş poured the Kurds into the streets, as Erdoğan said Kobani was turned into the blackmail of the Resolution Process. The thesis on Turkey's supporting DAESH was explained as if DAESH was “Sunni”. However all of us know that; Davutoğlu both during the period of his Foreign Ministry and his Prime Ministry several times stated that they were against the sectarian policies in the region. However all of us know that; Erdoğan while talking about the terror organization, even if while making a contraction, in order not to take the word of the “Islam” into his mouth preferred to call ISIL as DAESH.

He explained his preference: “There are those who want to show it as the Islamic terror organization. The word 'Islam' is produced from the word 'siin' which means peace in Arabic. A religion which means peace never allows terror. Beware I am not using the word ISIS, because they are a terror organization.”

In fact, presenting Turkey as if “it supported DAESH” was a multi-functional form of legitimizing.

Both having sat around the table for the resolution process, then with the “good cop, bad cop” game putting off the process; with Kobani, with their statements during the election period; by knocking over the table and leaving it, the Kurdish political representatives expressed so-called justified grounds; and it has been in the name of revenge when the members of the parallel organization who wanted the region from Erdoğan were saying “We will solve the problem in the Southeastern Anatolia” could not get the Southeastern Anatolia.

The thesis “Turkey supports DAESH” was a moral ground for the international coalition to support PYD in the region. The line that PYD seized just under our southern border was both to collapse the resolution process and to finish any relations that Turkey could develop with the Kurdish basin in the Middle East…

The resolution process would mean a Turkey that has peaceful communication with the millions of Kurds both in Turkey and in the Middle East. This communication would enable Turkey to win with the Kurds both around the table and inside the game. However, this would neither suit Germany's nor the others' book.

Erdoğan's statement “Even if it costs my political life, I will still maintain the resolution process” showed that he was predicting the big attacks he would face, namely he didn't say these words in vain…Just as it was not in vain that the six newspapers in Germany with the same title bore enmity towards Erdoğan…

How long the international powers will support the Kurdish structuring in the south of the border and when they will leave them in the lurch are unknown. What is obvious is that it's Turkey's turn to move. Germany, maybe because of that, doesn't want an early election in Turkey…


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