Peace as an invitation to war - ÖZLEM ALBAYRAK

Peace as an invitation to war

Why has it come to this? Why did Russia go as far as to violate Turkey's right of independence? Why did Russian President Vladimir Putin support Syrian President Bashar Assad, assault the opposition and the Turkmens, and blatantly violate Turkey's border many times, yet did not estimate that he would pay the price?

Why did he become so blinded? Why did Putin not foresee that he gave himself an image of one who only utters empty threats?

The reason is hidden in NATO's statement: NATO's Supreme Allied Commander of Europe, Philip Breedlove, said “NATO is very serious about all ally countries' airspaces, not just Turkey's. We are fulfilling our obligations and will continue to support the airspace and abilities of NATO member countries,” during his question and answer session with the media. Stating that they preferred a diplomatic solution, Breedlove continued, “We are against tension increasing. Therefore, Ankara and Moscow should find diplomatic solutions for their problems. It is time to discuss everything. Russia does not want to have conflict with Turkey and NATO. At the same time, I can confidently say that Turkey and NATO do not want conflict with Russia either.”

Of course NATO should make statements that will defuse the tension. However, it should not be forgotten that actions speak louder than words.

The Obama administration's, hence the US's, hence the West bloc's policy has been “no policy” up to today. That is to say, overlooking Assad staying in his position despite killing his own people for the past five years, and allowing Russia and Iran to settle in the region and pose a threat, is an example for this.

Whereas, this “settling” wish was there for Russia during the Cold War period, too. However, Russia always came across a local resistance during its attempts from the 1950s until the 1990s. Structures, al-Qaida and Taliban, organized by Saudi Arabia via the West bloc countries (NATO members) and of course the US, repelled Russia from Afghanistan. The West did not openly go to war, but found other ways to repel Russia out of the region. Establishing the first al-Qaida cells via the CIA, it is not a secret that their agents trained the hard core of the organization. Ultimately, whether we approve of it or not, the West bloc kept Russia out of the Middle East during the Cold War through terrorism.

It is interesting that years later, another terrorist organization has been the means for Russia to enter the region. Putin entered through Assad's Syria. At this point, Putin acted without calculating that Turkey would protect its sovereignty, because no one had the courage to stop him in either Ukraine or Crimea.

The US and the West, which constantly negate themselves and break promises have become merrier and witty and of course incapable (every time the red line was overstepped in regards to Syria, the bar was raised higher).

A West bloc that scarcely responds when Putin occupies lands with rather traditional methods, before the eyes of the world, and increases petrol and gas prices.

The result is obvious. Everything has turned into a mess, with one end in the West, another in the East, and one in Turkey.

One thing is certain whether action or inaction, if the timing is not right, peace does not come when inaction is exercised against a murderer of hundreds of thousands of people, by just thinking that you are “peace-loving.” On the contrary, an invitation is made to war, terrorism, conflicts and atrocities.

It appears that Turkey will have to show the world where action or inaction needs to stop.


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