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Panama Tailor

The global earthquake that started with a Panama-based law firm's leaking almost 11.5 million pages of documents of corruption, has been ongoing after the resignation of Iceland's Prime Minister Sigurður Ingi Jóhannsson as the papers continue to emerge.

The disclosure of these papers led to the revelation of the names of people claimed to be evading taxes through off-shore accounts, which included former and current presidents.

Besides the prime minister of Iceland, the names of Russian President Vladimir Putin's closest friends, Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad's cousins and Chinese PresidentXi Jinping's father-in-law are also mentioned in the paper.

When Turkish circles that refer to themselves as opposition saw the names of Putin, Assad and Xi Jingping – whom they support more than they do President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan – on the list instead of Erdoğan's, they chose to close the topic with a talented hat trick.

Naturally they were slightly unhappy that such a possibility went down the drain, that Erdoğan had no off-shore accounts overseas, but they recovered fast. They returned to amuse themselves with the consolation that the meeting between Erdoğan and US President Barack Obama lasted 25 minutes and not 50 when the time used by the translators was deducted.

However, Putin's claim from day one that “this leak could be the work of the CIA,” does not seem to be an ignored option. Moreover, it is a very big issue. The revealed information that we heard is not even a drop in the ocean and after now it is impossible to predict who might be in the most dangerous position.

The WikiLeaks documents could only reveal America's hand and damage its dignity a little; furthermore, the cost of what the site administrators did was completely paid, The Panama Papers have put many influential and effective people and firms under pressure, including presidents of almost the entire world.

Such that, by means of these documents the companies, countries or people that are meant to be kept under control; the ones that resist negotiating or acting according to their own will can easily be finished...

Moreover, the examples of this have already begun to be seen...
As the prime minister of Iceland has been the first victim of the leak, the documents announced two days after the first blast target Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev.

Aren't we quite experienced to be able to think that revealing the names of the Azeri leader's daughters with shell companies is connected to the war that started between Armenia and Azerbaijan because ofNagorno-Karabakh?

I wish the Panama Papers were published with the motivation of journalism: so “people find out the truth” or to prevent money laundering and tax evasion activities. But we all know very well that this is not how things work at the top and that the aforementioned reasons have nothing to do with the leaking of the papers.

Because even if money laundering is reflected otherwise, it is partially or from one aspect processed within state knowledge. The managing elites and intelligence do not care about people's right to know the truth, they do not care about ethics and conscience. Journalism turns into a profession that becomes quite open to manipulation when global relations are in question.

Eventually, revealing the secret papers through journalism – that was done with the same method in WikiLeaks and similar examples – is possible by using media in line with the goals of the intelligence organizations and turning it into a means of manipulation.

Therefore the second option, the possibility of leaking the Panama Papers as an operation lever is almost clear and of course the idea that the US, namely the “Panama Tailor,” wants to convince those who sidestep to be disciplined with this stick.

What is unclear is whose head, which country, which company or which people that stick will strike. I am sure that it will be difficult for the anti-imperialist opposition to believe this as well, but it seems to me that we will shortly see the lucky country, company or person.


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