Morsi and the dangers of democracy - ÖZLEM ALBAYRAK

Morsi and the dangers of democracy

Look at the developments in Egypt, which attempted a transition to democracy for the first time in their history, in the past two years; the most distinct thing we can see with the naked eye is the hypocrisy of the West. The hypocrisy in question had been registered once again after the West's “many reprimands, zero action” reaction to Morsi's death sentence.

Besides, no matter where you live, no matter what your position is; this can be easily seen by anyone who can observe the matter from a moral, consistent and profitless angle. For example, famous intellectual Tarık Ramazan tweeted the following after Morsi's death sentence was announced; “Other than Erdoğan, no one from the East or West, possessed the human dignity to have a say on this matter. Political, geo-strategic and economical interest came before the human dignity. Being against the Muslim Brotherhood or Islamists does not vindicate this cowardice and dishonor. Disgrace.”

Then, what's the reason behind the Western countries', who had an irresistible enthusiasm to bring democracy to the Middle East, silence over the murder of the democracy, which had been revealed as a result of a civil movement in Egypt, during its crawling period_

Let us explain this piece by piece:

In the present world, democracy does not amount to a rough “equal and general voting right” as it did during the industrialization period it begun. Democracy became the name of requests of all the base to participate in politics; the name of a more just and social economic system and receiving shares from the general welfare.

This is the reason why, in 2010, the 26-year-old Muhammed Buazizi set himself on fire, when his fruit-vegetable counter had been seized after he refused to pay the bribe, and started the process called Arab Spring, which had now turned into a Fall at the point arrived, in Tunisia. In other words, the motivation in the Arab Spring was not only the human dignity that revolted against the tyrants that were in power for years; it was also the struggle to receive shares from the economy…

Thus, replacing the Arab dictators, who made their countries' resources and political decisions available to Western forces in exchange for the covert support to their rulerships, with democracy was amounting to an administration that will be brought to account in every election process.

This was equal to localization. Democracy, which was the legitimate device for the Western countries to scatter the East about, turned into a legitimacy source of localization economically, geo-strategically, politically when it reached the East. The moment it transformed, it turned into a “threat”.

Because, a democratic Middle Eastern country meant that; that country's leader would be paying for being close to the West, to the detriment of his country's national interests, with “being unable to be elected again”. This “democracy” danger appeared as Morsi opened the Refah border gates that would deliver aid to Palestine. Erdoğan's decision to choose another country who sold the missiles for a cheaper price, rather than NATO who sold them far more expensively, was the indicator of Turkey's economic independence as the IMF debt was closed.

The Western allies, who had a give-and-take relationship with the Arab dictators that had their people groan bitterly, couldn't succeed with this in Turkey and Egypt, who are the two democracies of the Middle East. The sole responsible of the happenings was democracy, after all.

Thus, neither the coinciding of the Second Tahrir incidents, which brought the coup in Egypt, and the Gezi incidents in Turkey, nor the silence of the forces, who talked about Erdoğan's sultanate and his dictatorship –after he did not surrender to the Gezi movement-, against coupist Sisi, who slaughtered hundreds of people in the Adeviye square by spraying bullets at them, are coincidences.

Similar to how it's not a coincidence that the famous democrats in Turkey are making perfunctory reprimands towards Morsi's death sentence but failing to form a single sentence….

During the Gezi process, Turkey's economy was really good and Erdoğan wasn't a dictator either. Since the reasons for the attempting were all artificial, no matter how much support was given by the West, the leader could not be overthrown. However, Egypt's democracy was still a baby, and couldn't survive the hardship.

The result was the death sentence to Morsi, the first elected leader in Egyptian history.

As he says; Allah is enough for us!


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