MIT trucks

The news about the MIT (Turkey's National Intelligence Agency) trucks were published just a week before the elections. Despite the “you will answer for it” words from the scary and cruel dictator of the Fear Empire, they are publishing new episodes every day. The ones, who were proclaiming “we are scared” at one time, now opened their espionage luggage, Pandora's box, and are releasing one image after another, one video after another that are like soap operas.

As a matter of fact, they don't seem to be scared!

We do know why they insistently continue publishing these news, right? The objective is to decrease AK Party's votes domestically and reinforce the thesis, started by the parallel members well in advance, that Turkey supports ISIL. They even started calling it “war crime”, choosing ending scenarios and guiding international institutions.

I can't be sure if those weapons were going to ISIL, Bayırbucak Turkmen or Syrian antagonists. However, I can make an estimation; since the beginning it was the Turkish community and government that has shown the strongest reaction towards Assad's massacres in Syria directed at his own people. Syrian antagonists always organized their international meetings in Turkey. More than two million Syrians live in Turkey. Thus, if I've learned that those weapons were on their way to Syrian antagonists, it wouldn't have surprised me.

Then, will the news in the Cumhuriyet Newspaper have a projection on the Turkish community and decrease the votes of the government? We will find out of course; however, I don't think so. Because, even though the government seems to be their target to overthrow, they are actually targeting the power and sovereignty of Turkey.

Let us explain it over an example; I've mentioned it before; the first seeds of Al Qaeda were sown by the U.S. against the Russian threat during the Cold War era. Following that, they supported Taliban. CIA agents trained the core personnel of Al Qaeda, equipped them with weapons and established the terrorist organization in somewhere between Pakistan-Afghanistan with their own hands, and supported them for a long time. Things went so far that the U.S.'s ally in the region, Saudi Arabia, was giving free one-way tickets to Pakistan and Afghanistan through their Airlines in order to gather militants for Al Qaeda. In the end, the Cold War threat passed, Al Qaeda grew up and challenged the U.S. This time, the U.S. stamped on the organization it established.

These are no state secrets, they are mentioned in dozens of sources. Besides, it's widespread enough to be included in sociology books. Anyone interested can reach this and similar information in Manuel Castells' book along with their sources.

However, the U.S. community, who is startled by the word terror, didn't attempt/isn't attempting to call their government to account for this by asking “did you frighten us with terror and support it on the side?” Because –whether we find it moral or not- in that period, the U.S.'s national interests required implementing these policies. Because, while quibbling in the name of democracy, human rights and law inside, on the outside, there are deeds/actions, which can't be encountered in the clauses of law, governments should do on the outside. They won't be revealed. Let alone those countries' citizens, even the governments with conflicting interests, do not decipher the “tasks” carried out by each other… As a necessity of swagger or due to the possibility that their “deeds” would be revealed as well… The ones who watched Homeland or similar shows' two episodes, will know what I mean… Because, Hollywood is not just Hollywood.

As for Turkey; it's a Middle Eastern country that is expected to be sovereign over its borders. After all, putting everything aside, Turkey is obliged to attend to the happenings just below its borders, even if it's due to harboring 2 million Syrians. Turkey being indifferent to the massacres in Syria would be equal to making Turkey's sovereignty over its borderlines disputable and registering its lack of strategy; and the display of falling into a pawn position in the regional chess board.

Besides, it's clear that Turkey's involvement in the Syria game is leaning on a moral attitude and humane sensitivity… Besides, Turkey could have put aside humanity, ethics, virtue and mobilize its secret service only to protect its national interests. But, we didn't.

Thus, the purposes of the ones, who stopped the MIT trucks, and the ones, who released and published the news in question just a week before the elections by hiding under the journalism immunity, is neither law nor journalism. Because this is an attack on Turkey's sovereignty, a maneuver to destroy Turkey's reputation in the eyes of the world, and a move to humiliate the country.

I guess that we will be getting an answer to this on the night of June 7th. Enjoy it already.


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