July 15, the West and being pro-West - ÖZLEM ALBAYRAK

July 15, the West and being pro-West

Günther Oettinger, the European Union Commissioner, said Turkey's EU membership was an issue that emerged after President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. It seems that Oettinger tried to imply that Turkey, led by President Erdoğan, will not be granted EU membership.

This statement cannot really be considered as conforming to diplomatic courtesy rules. This wouldn't even be considered as a statement made by mistake because it actually wasn't the first time. We came across this attitude several times including when Martin Schulz said they didn't consider Erdoğan as their point of contact and the former U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron said that Turkey had to wait another 3,000 years before it could be given EU membership. We can add the Sweden and Austrian airport incidents as a more social side to this view. Thus, this brings us to the point that we face an increasing amount of disrespect by the day. Moreover, throughout Europe they have started false awareness-raising campaigns about Turkey.

When discussing the U.S., they have openly shown what they feel about Erdoğan. Furthermore their Atlantic motive, inspiring their every move in Europe ever since World War 2, isn't a secret.

The Western world has picked up a political language against Erdoğan. This language, made up of statements, gestures, attitudes and actions is being carved by the day. The aim isn't just to shape the Western citizens ideas on Erdoğan, but to effect the thoughts of the Turks too.

Therefore, Oettinger's statement about Erdoğan, his leadership and how Turkey will never become a member while Erdoğan is in the leadership seat is not only about the point they are at in terms of anti-Erdoğan sentiment, but they are trying to align and threaten the Turkish citizens. They are expecting the Turks to regard Erdoğan as an obstacle in front of Turkey and a burden in terms of EU membership. Using an iron hand in a velvet glove, they are trying to say “Or else you will never be granted EU membership.”

This is because Europe thinks that the most important aspect to Turkish citizenship is modernity or the level of contemporary civilization of the West. This is such a point that it has become our weak aspect and is widely seen when defending Kemalism/ the Republican regime or when rejecting them. When the issue is the West, everyone from the seculars to the Islamists, women to men, old and young, Sunni and Alevis has an inferiority complex in that they believe the West's streets are cleaner, their democracy gives more freedom, and their morals are more valuable. Well this was the case until....

July 15 was a productive observation in terms of sociology. For example, we saw that people still regretted not being able to save former President Adnan Menderes from being executed, that the masses that were accused of being sheepish and didn't know any better than just voting were ready to risk their lives for their country that night, that everyone from the Kurds, Turks, supporters of the Justice and Development Party (AKP), Republican People's Party (CHP) and the Natonalist Movement Party (MHP) were all able to reunite and become a nation if they suspected that there would be an external threat...

Although there were some who were fortified, others were shaken. For example, I am not sure if our people now believe that the West is at the point of contemporary civilizations. The only reason for this is not the global powers' covert forms of intervention on semi-peripheral countries like Turkey that have now become extremely open or their becoming hysterical to the point that they could say “We will devastate your country if you don't hand over Erdoğan to us.” Or not even the Western attitude toward the few refugees who have been taken asylum on their land or the West's treatment of Muslims who are their citizens...

The problem is that the interests of global powers and the reality that every country would want to protect its own interests. While some need to constantly make new plans to push Erdoğan out of the game, they see the insight that the Turks will protect Erdoğan until the end.

Those who find irrational and daily justifications for the West's hatred toward Erdoğan are being mistaken...


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