Daesh attacks and Turkey's YPG policy - ÖZLEM ALBAYRAK

Daesh attacks and Turkey's YPG policy

Not even once did I give credit to the “Turkey supports Daesh” theory, which has now become an almost commonly-held belief after being repeatedly stated by different groups and through various methods and justifications since 2013. The patent for cooperation with global-scale terrorist organizations like Daesh has always belonged to the US. First and foremost, the idea that this act can be referred to a country in a different segment does not really overlap with past experiences.

Secondly, I think that our intelligence service is capable of calculating that manipulating such a gigantic organization, one that is so close and spread through such an expansive area that it has almost gone beyond the region and turned into an idea (the Orlando attacker declared that he committed the act on behalf of Daesh, even though he was never in Daesh cells), will have certain results…

Even the US has paid the price for underhandedly backing the Taliban and then al-Qaida against Russia during the Cold War with an attack on the Twin Towers. I do not think that Turkish intelligence officers have not studied the history of terrorism.

Besides, this claim could never be proven anyway. The operation on National Intelligence Organization (MİT) trucks was a test attempt but it failed, because everybody who was somewhat interested in the subject until then sensed that Turkey was providing arms support to Syria's opposition forces, and the weapons in those trucks only confirmed this information.

I would rather think that Turkey is helping the oppressed Syrian opposition groups whose country and lives are under threat and not the terrorist organization that chops off Muslims' heads and broadcasts the footage on the Internet. At least this would be more logical.

Hence, the data we have show both that Turkey has been accused for months of supporting Daesh by almost the entire world and that at the point we have reached, it has become one of the greatest victims of Daesh terrorism.

This, in other words, being accused of carrying out and act and also being the biggest victim of that very act, indicates an operation. And in light of this indication, I guess it will not be so strange to assume that there are those who want to use Daesh as a stick to discipline Turkey.

Daesh is conducting terrorist acts in Turkey that are large enough to draw the attention of the international public, like the attack at Istanbul's Atatürk International Airport the other day. Also, these attacks are directly aimed at civilians. The January 12 Sultanahmet attack and the March 19 Taksim attack were such acts. Look at their locations of choice: Sultanahmet, Taksim and the main airport…

These acts that have as much international impact as they have drawn the world public's attention and have significantly hit the country's trade and tourism, it seems, are going to lead Turkish policymakers to re-evaluate the Daesh matter over again and by taking more serious measures.

It is no secret that Ankara, which, until now, in areas where Daesh and the Democratic Union Party (PYD) fought against each other in Syria, maintained the “they are all terrorist organizations for us” attitude, may need to review its distance from terrorist organizations and may not have the freedom to brush off the People's Protection Units (YPG) matter as it used to. Well, whose wish might this scenario be? The US's, the PYD's, Syria's, the Kurdistan Workers' Party's (PKK) or all of the above? I leave the answer to my esteemed readers.

Why now? Well, the steps Turkey has recently taken to normalize relations with both Israel and Russia – since these two players are not players fighting or friends with Daesh – they were steps that would make things difficult for Daesh. Moves to restore relations with these two countries may actually force Turkey's Syria policy to shift in the upcoming days. I guess the possibility that Turkey's Syria policy may change will not serve Daesh's interests.

It might be that Daesh is manipulated and used as a tool by others or its globally effective terrorist actions might even be a “watch your step” message to Turkey…
Surely the upcoming days will show which is the answer, but if Ankara is going to start from now on to take into consideration the question, “Daesh or the PKK?” – and it is highly likely that it will – even this will be a big enough result. Let us wait and see…


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