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Everyone"s President is no one"s President!

As you know, the "Ekmeleddin for bread" slogan, which was announced at Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu"s campaign speech yesterday, had forayed into the social media. Countless jokes, captions, counter-slogans and caricatures that make fun of the slogan were ma... more

Erdoğan"s candidacy in five clauses

The Prime Minister announced his own candidacy for presidency. It was not a surprising decision since we all were expecting his nomination for quite a while. Now, the majority of us who have been holding themselves back from making any comment regard... more

Gezi protestors and the Greens

I have been recently reading the sanctifying news of the Gezi spirit. The news talk about how it beat the authority. Accordingly, it defeated an alleged discourse of the state"s insensitivity about the natural environment. I have a particular questio... more


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