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When we look at the candidates….

The candidate lists of the parties have been announced. That saying is correct; the public will be giving their votes according to what the political parties mean to them, not according to their candidates' profiles. Moreover, as long as all the opp... more

Will Demirtaş repeat the same mistake again?

First of all, let's refresh our memories; during the elections on August 10th last year, Selahattin Demirtaş's candidacy had been regarded as a gain for our democracy and the most concrete evidence of the point arrived at in the peace process. The le... more

Sectarianism as a boomerang

Actually, everything is clear. The extreme patience towards Assad, who has been killing his own people for four years, the covered insensitivity towards ISIL’s rapid growth in front of the world, the concrete acceleration of the “enemy” Iran’s relati... more

The South America trip and lies assumed to be correct

What I originally planned to scribe about President Erdoğan’s South America trip, which encompassed Colombia, Cuba and Mexico, was completely different. However, when speculations turned into a huge conspiracy theory, following the one-day early re-s... more

The year will expand and become a century

Yes, numerically, 2014 was the sequent of 2013; however, politically 2014 had passed like the continuation of 2013, as if the country really didn’t enter a new year…The December 17 – 25 operations towards the end of 2013 were actually the indicator o... more

The swearing right of the free press

What was expected has happened. The Ex-Chief of the TEM Department Tufan Ergüder, Ex-Chief of Public Security Ertan Erçıktı and the Chief of Police Mustafa Kılıçaslan, whom had been taken into custody over the complaints of the Risale-i Nur group tha... more

Ethics need proving as well

Ever since the processes of Dec. 17 and 25 and even after Feb. 7, I have been trying to take an unbiased look, I have been trying to observe in detail – and to be honest have been trying to be understanding – but haven’t seen the slightest change in ... more

USA’s weird Kobani sensitivity

For the past few days, the main agenda of the press and everyone has been how President Erdoğan had taken a step back and made a U-turn against Obama’s persistence on the “Corridor to Kobani” and “Arms aid to PYD” matters.There are well-known men and... more

Aysel Tuğluk, Kobane and the stone thrown at peace

The previous day, when Turkey was preoccupied with the ISIL threat and debating the next steps, there was a huge crowd of people heaped up at the border, among which were hundreds of Kurds. While Turkey was trying to let refugees in, an interesting p... more

The New Turkey layout and Davutoğlu

From now on, the President is Erdogan and the Prime Minister is Davutoglu. Let''s wish them luck. Despite all the disqualification attempts, all various types of tripping up maneuvers, this is the beginning of the marathon of the will, which shows th... more

Four languages or the national anthem

I was watching the news on TV about Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu''s visit to the grave of his father''s friend, Mehmet Akif Ersoy, on the eve. I thought it was ''such a beautiful gesture'' and I was congratulating Ihsanoglu because of his faithfulness to his... more


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