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The refugee “crisis” of Europe and its causes

Beril Dedeoğlu, Minister of European Union Affairs, has said, before the “Turkey Progress Report,” diplomats of the union offered her a softer report on condition that “Turkey will allow the Syrian refugees to stay in Turkey.” Aside from this proposa... more

The voters' preference and sense of proportion

Even the voters who wanted to teach the AK Party a lesson were not pleased with the situation after the June 7 elections, but almost half of the people who voted for the AK Party on November 1 were a big disappointment for the opposition parties. As ... more

Is calling Erdoğan 'crude' also criticism?

Criticism is a good thing. For an administrator, there is nothing better than a friend who tells the truth – if he knows it. Criticism is the momentum of the renewal process as well as an intellectual duty. One who is critical cannot fulfill his duty... more

Russia, the U.S., clumsiness and its cost

In my article published last Wednesday on Oct. 7, 2015, I had discussed that the cliché of Russia “wanting to move into warm seas” was an expansionist desire that was reproduced in every period throughout history. The desire to change and democratize... more


Peter the Great's testament starts with the sentence, “Russia should step forward and seize control of all assignments, disputes and contentions taking place in Europe.” In the following lines of Peter the Great's testament it is advised that Russia ... more

The revolutionary violence

Almost since May 2013 violence, terrorizing, vandalism or terror have never ended; more truly as one of them finished, another one started. The violence that started with the vandalism and terrorizing in Gezi, later continued with DHKP-C's (The Revol... more

PKK, Demirtaş and his band

Hearing the bitter news that more than 30 of our security personnel lost their lives in Dağlıca, Iğdır, Cizre and Tunceli in the past few days has aggrieved everybody who lives and sees this country as their soil. Our hearts are in deep sorrow, but w... more

Did we indulge the PKK too much?

You know; as the PKK resumed murdering after a 2-year long ceasefire period, the invoice for it wasn't made out to HDP, PKK or supra-national forces, but AK Party and Erdoğan. The worst-intentioned ones out of those are tweezing Erdoğan's “Give me 40... more

Why are HDP members being criticized?

After PKK started terror again, the following defense is being made against the criticisms directed at HDP and Selahattin Demirtaş; HDP was never the decision making mechanism, how can they be now? The ones saying that are also claiming that HDP is b... more


They say that “you will understand the value of the things you have after you lose them all”, and it's true. At one time, the Resolution Process was named the “betrayal process”; however, the value of the 2-year ceasefire had been understood only aft... more

The real price of destroying ISIL perception!

The course of action was as follows: Turkey has been accused of supporting ISIL since the day it came into existence, for the sake of undermining the Assad regime in Syria. However, this was an operation of perception management. You already know th... more

Why shouldn't AK Party form a coalition?

Yesterday, Davutoğlu and the MHP leader, Devlet Bahçeli, had a tête-à-tête. The result was; not including MHP in the coalition plans. Bahçeli emphasized that they have no desire to be a coalition partner, and, while saying that the nation gave them t... more

The melancholy of nationalism: Beating up slant-eyed people…

It's weird; we passed the Ramadan by talking about the idealists, who attempted to beat up every Asian they could catch, rather than talking about the “fasting ban” implemented on the Eastern Turkistan Muslims by China. Because the happenings experie... more


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