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Is HDP the last hope of the parallel structure?

It seems that the parallel structure has started a new election-centered endeavoring, when they realized that the Kurdish-defined terror and terrorizing, which they wanted to produce on top of their actual plans for the past two years, could not damage Turkey's integrity and provide a rulership change following Öcalan's and Barzani's positive policies that stated their trust in the Resolution Process.

Our opinions on this matter is reinforcing as we see that some spin-doctors in the parallel media giving HDP success tactics for the new elections, in a way that includes the assumption that in the case MHP makes an election cooperation with SP and BBP their votes with greatly increase, and putting an effort to provide them directions.

In those articles, HDP's political existence is primarily described as a threat for AK Party, then combined with PKK's position and after the “we believe in your threatening power” statements comes forth, HDP (thus PKK) is suggested to believe in this.

The following sentences used by Ali Bulaç, in his article within this context, are quite remarkable:

“Look at the twist of fate; HDP is becoming the key party of the June 7th elections. The studies, almost with close to certain data, shows that in case HDP exceeds the threshold, AK Party will not get a result enough to form the government, yet alone reach a majority to change the constitution.”

Bulaç, who will state that, “No one other than Allah might know the unseen,” when asked, is placing HDP to a position of key party in advance by saying, “Look at the twist of fate…” and basing on something, which won't even be a possibility in two months' time but only will be a possibility of a possibility, according to the data in hand.

Afterwards, by leaning on “studies”, whose time, maker and context is suspicious and concrete results are unknown, he is even spoiling AK Party of their possibility to form a government.

It's known to everyone that Bulaç is literature-disabled. Also with those two sentences above his logic-disabled stature, which is caused by being smart, but not wise, and with his resigned language, due to the grudge he holds for President Erdoğan, his roll over a secularist-futuristic language is being revealed.

In fact, by the sudden mobilization of the old, anti-CHP beliefs in the subconscious, he is invalidating the Parallel Structure's, which he wants to support in their new endeavoring, known union with CHP and the hopes of overthrowing Erdoğan, which is always postponed to the next elections. Thus, he is disregarding the outstanding and divine (!) efforts of the assassin sisters and brothers, who licked every doorstep with jawshans in their hands during the local and presidential elections.

Though, Bulaç is also right. Like everyone, he also knows nothing will come out of a party that is handed over to Kılıçdaroğlu, who has notarized “the stone of the creek and the bird of the ridge” as an election pledge. However, when this knowledge is becoming concrete in the form of stating what the Parallel Structure doesn't want to state, things get mixed up.

On the other hand, even though it has been written by the experienced intellectual writers that in case HDP becomes a Turkish party with the guarantee of severing its ties with terror, then CHP's, as a party that has established its system wrong and conducting it wrongly as well, role as the main opposing party might come to an end. Thus, a new revolution might be experienced in Turkish politics in the process prepared by AK Party, as HDP possibly replaces CHP in that role. Bulaç, by being oblivious to all these, is failing to realize that HDP is playing the role of “winding up”.

Bulaç, who summarizes the possible beauty that will be jointly experienced with AK Party in case HDP, who is a threat for AK Party, exceeds the threshold, and the possible iniquity that will be revealed in case HDP fails to exceed the threshold, is completing his “well designed showcase” suggestion towards HDP by uniting it with the matters he used for discrediting AK Party previously, as follows:

“The way to saving religion from the hands of the exploiters is related with the politicians, who are honest, savant to resources, pluralist, believes in the state of law, doesn't give credit to bribery and corruption, and, who can approach the incidents from the general Middle East-regional integration perspective, coming to duty.”

It's clear that while saying “religion exploiters”, Bulaç doesn't look at his fellow columnists. He either can't see or doesn't want to see that the ones, who had gained the hatred of the religious community, are growing a long nose from the next column with their “who will be fed up with us” litanies.

On the other hand, HDP's failure to exceed the threshold will primarily show us that they are not a party of Turkey, which also brings forth the hope of their executives taking the correct lessons from this. Seeing HDP's political existences as a threat against AK Party in this manner, and thus presenting it as a “between a rock and a hard place” condition's side for the country after the elections can only be interpreted as the Parallel Structure's, who has no more hope in CHP, pursuit of new chaos and thus ending AK Party's rulership in this way.

As for Bulaç's support towards the Parallel Structure in this direction; it's only an illogical, inexperienced, secularist-futuristic support.

A support of a mind, which forgets about God's aid and the fact that only God will know the future, will have no avail, no matter in which direction, but rather will only damage itself.


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