I know them - ÖMER LEKESIZ

I know them

I was the Deputy Secretary General at Kırıkkale University during February 28th.

Almost a week after Çevik Bir, the Founding Rector of the University, had been dismissed by means of phone instructions, I had been reassigned to the not-so-active Head of Intelligence Processing Department and deported to an abandoned room, which didn't even have a phone, of the Vocational School.

Following the orders of the new rector, who had no other duty than designing (tearing it to shreds) the university according to the demands of the people behind the February 28th, some employees were checking my working hours and keeping a tab on my visitors.

For around seven months I've worked under such conditions.

Supposedly, I had been imprisoned to unemployment; however, since I knew how to read and write, it was impossible to stay unemployed. The ones, who were expecting me to be uneasy and disgruntled about my new state and hinder my work by knocking on the court's doors, were terribly mistaken.

From morning till night, I had studied non-stop in a room I designated together with a kettle, laptop and a bag full of books, and thus had written the second and third volumes of the five volume Story in the New Turkish Literature.

On the same days, when the second volume of this book had been published, the rector's spies directly informed him of this news. The rector, who raved and said “what kind of people are they, we are tying up their hands but they continue working with their feet” after seeing the book, ordered my position to be lowered to the management and forced me to go to court.

Since in those days going to the court was equal to going there with the “this incoming person is a reactionist” information, it was also the most guaranteed way to sack someone without shouldering any responsibility to the administration.

When I was sent to the Directorate of Construction as a manager and eventually lost my existing working environment, my God presented me new opportunities, and by abandoning not only the University but Kırıkkale also, I had chosen to resign.

Upright men

I didn't explain all these with the intention of a victimhood literature.

Rather, I explained it all in order for the following to be understood correctly.

Above, I've mentioned that “they were keeping tabs on my visitors”.

There were loyal friends, who knew of this and still didn't leave me alone despite knowing the risks.

For example, İsmail Altan Akgün, one of the administrators, Faik Cengiz Uysal, one of School Teachers, Saik Okumuş, who just became a Research Associate, Mustafa Orçan, Şefik Deniz, Muhterem Dilbirliği, İbrahim Dalmış, Alim Yılmaz…

And, another name I should expressly mention; Ertan Aydın.

These friends had never once left me alone during that period. By putting up with the half-done teas, which got cold quickly, they contributed new information in our conversations, and crowned me with their valuable opinions on the national matters.

Thanks to them, that narrow room widened for me, and, I got over the feeling of being surrounded and my hopes for the future were reinforced. While I never became hopeless, I learned how to be peaceful in an environment of uneasiness, thanks to them.

Maybe you will say, “Weren't there some who avoided you despite being around nowadays?”

Yes, of course there were. There were a couple of people, who were taking stage in the press as advisors and who are as stubby as their heights. Besides, they didn't only run away from me, but also they formed a queue I to receive a “not a reactionist” warrant from Çevik Bir's rector.

However, what really mattered was the existence of upright men, who didn't abandon me since they didn't abandon their own beliefs and ideals either.

I know them

My memories of the February 28th period, and the names from that period, had been commemorated once again as I was reading the comments over AK Party's parliamentarian candidate lists.

AK Party did not give a place to Islamists in its lists. AK Party wasted the people that established and are carrying the philosophy of the party…..

Who are saying this; the known personnel of the parallel structure, and couple of addicted people, who turned into enemies of AK Party since they were not fed enough and whom seem to be speaking from within….

Who are those wasted Islamists? A jazz musician, an unfermented grape-juice seller and three zyhtum sellers (a reference to the saying “the blind leading the blind”).

I approach everything from where I'm standing. I'm not going to list the names of people, whose essence and words are right and who had suffered a lot from their beliefs. Only mentioning Ertan Aydın's name will be sufficient for silencing the known disunion generators.

I know Ertan Aydın and the people I've mentioned above as upright men.

I also know many more people, who vote for the party for not only for the party but for the sake of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, whose hearts are as wide as the ocean, whose passion for the community is as mighty as the mountains.

Whether they are included in a list or not, I know that those people are aspiring for servicing the community from their hearts without taking the stage or being exposed.

These people had gone through the mill and attempted to give their world tests properly until now.

They will absolutely see each other and will not give credit to others.

As for the known addicted people, they can't even see the tip of their noses.



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