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How much of an Arabia is Saudi America?

If we are talking about going sour when our spirits are high without having a health or physical problem, it is not due to our situation, but more about an unfavorable condition that we feel.

Some things settling down in our heads have taken us under control from head to toe: we seem as though we have fallen inside unfinished smiles, overshadowed faces, blank stares, sentences with disrupted syntax and the sudden stops; as if we had remembered something important we had forgotten. In other words, what appears of us has come under the tyranny of the unseen, and with sourness we mean our spiritual breakdown, our dreams which have not been fulfilled, a situation which strains our brain and thoughts, the loss of our inner-livelihood, and the disruption in our psychological comfort. This is actually the very state that most of us are experiencing in recent days.

Genie Ali's skills

Looking at this conclusion, knowing that there are people who say, “There, Genie Ali's curses are yielding results” is enough by itself for you to lose spirit for instance.

“The other day, I stopped by Genie Ali” to show those people their halo of pride within their strength, and their blind stubbornness. Saying that God's will is above all others, and that we as followers should pursue divine will, and that those who seem like they have a will do not have the tiniest bit of ordinance, that we can make them fly through prayer. Genie Ali said even though we consist of a small group of believers, we will defeat the oppressors, given the examples from the lives of the Prophet's Companions. He then slightly pushed his kippa towards the left, hit his left shoulder with his left hand and made prayers as he pointed towards the cabin. My eyes started shedding tears against his splendid stance, my sense of honor overflowed…” with such words, situating his organization members in the center of goodness, while referring to everyone else as those who got stuck in the storm of evil; and continuously updating this as a propaganda tool for a psychological war and therefore leading to a societal restlessness and the effort to make this permanent are the reasons behind the loss of spirit.

Would the existence of traitors, who get out of control and side with the enemy for preserving interests belonging to a world which is not worth a penny, and who direct the opportunities bought with donations, directing guns towards you bring about any other type of result? Nothing but a loss of spirit.

How much of an Arabia is Saudi America?

When the local example is like this, examples outside which guarantee a loss of spirit keep multiplying.

You know about the crisis in Yemen. As what is going on in Yemen since the Ottoman period is recorded, the pain and oppression caused by sectarian clashes supported by Iran and Saudi Arabia are pictured on TV screens.

Back when Humeyni was alive, Iran had lost its revolutionary state identity when they supported the oppressors in Syria who slaughtered Muslims. The sectarian clashes fueled by Iran's unification of Shiites in the Islamic geography under Persian Shiitism, as they were used as domination tools in different regions, were strengthened in the U.S. and the U.K.'s state plots and at the same time, allowed Saudi Arabia, a tribe-state which reveals a British stamp when scratched, has gained the so-called quality of being the protectors of the Sunnis.

The Saudis, whom we used to refer to as “Saudi America” during our youth, and how they betrayed the Muslim Brotherhood during the coup d'etat in Egypt, and their sectarian efforts in the Balkans, their production of terrorist organizations such as al-Qaida and ISIL are not only known, but the fact that they try to strip Islam off of its divine character, and turn it into a materialized religion with the support of the West is also known.

Voicing these are quite risky in terms of religious obligation. Because realizing the fact that Mecca and Medina have been occupied by America obliges each Muslim to jihad. And such a jihad would be restricted to sacrificing one's self to fulfill his obligation, while it is not acceptable in terms of weakening the strength of the Muslim community.

Therefore, the acceptance that Saudi Arabia equals Saudi America is the disclosure of a serious dilemma.

So then, how do we interpret the Saudi attacks in Yemen with an artificial Arab pact? As an attempt to stop Iran, who is trying to establish a dominant force in some regions of the Middle East by terrorizing Shia beliefs, or making an effort to extend the scope of a materialized religion?

Here is another matter which will sink our spirits.

Meanwhile, those who say, “Iran has erased Turkey's decade-old accumulations in three days” are about to say, “Egypt-backed Saudis will get along with Iran; Turkey will be the one on the losing side.” Because for them Muslims have no value, state plots do.

I'd better not ruin your Sunday with so many questions and comments.


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