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Free thoughts on the respite day

Turkish people after the centennial anniversary of WW1 (October 30, 1914) are going to vote for their own president.

The person who is going to be the president is clear. It is the same person who proved the ability and capability of embracing the whole people in the last 12 years who will be elected as the president (inshallah)

Concerning the election, one of the commonly stressed comments is this: "we are going to wake up with a new Turkey in August 11, 2014 morning".

For me, I am not expecting a quite extra-ordinary morning, as I have been waking up to a new morning everyday for the last 12 years. On the other hand, I believe that this election will be will carried out in "safe hands" as a milestone for a relatively more well-determined mutual consent project of compatibility between the Kemalist-secular system and the people in terms of its scope and application direction in the middle and long term.

There are those, who are describing the President being elected by the people in a democratic regime as a given right, and also the new generation who consider life "carpe diem". While I do not expect that these two groups will agree with such a belief of mine, I believe that my word concerning the development will be understood by those among them who try to understand today by keeping my word as a testimony of their own grandparents, fathers side by side with their own.

As I will not talk about the historical phenomenon, incident and documents which supports my conviction here within details, my request is that the dear reader will take a look at the historical records concerning how the previous presidents were elected including Abdullah Gül.

The gist of the point is that 1914 is not the historical date for the beginning of WW1, but it was the decision time for the establishment of Turkey.

I am not doing historicism here. The bearing of the Union Party"s (Ittihat ve Terakki) established "new leader" profile – with its changing form but constant essence to the Turkish people – is the indication of this fact.

This profile consists of the epaulets including the symbols of civility. In the so-called mid-century, one of those profiles realized more clearly that without settling with the people in peace, the Kemalist-secular regime wouldn"t win. By attempting to elect someone with the same religion of the people to the top of the execution, the inner-system ways of searching means concerning the recognition of the people as a side in the equation of authority has increased.

By not overlooking the new world order in the aftermath of the WW2, it is possible to relate the transition of the multi-party regime of Turkey with this fact and even so to read it together with the military coups once in every decade in the subsequent period as the "punishment of those who spoilt the people".

The life span of this mentality has been completed with the February 28 process.

In this sense, the February 28 is an historical date in which it is understood that the achievement of legitimization is impossible clearly through the people having their nose raised and also rubbed at the same time.

In other words, the system in order to secure its own future handed itself (the control) over to the hands of those whom it persecuted in February 28.

Therefore, in the last 12 years, while the people were beginning to feel the pride and self-confidence of belonging to this country, the Kemalist-secular regime, who did not lose its own essence, except in part due to the breaking of walls in certain forms, was digested to have become evolved from the colonized mentality into the localization.

The realists in today"s stage of politics are the same with those who submitted themselves to the (as the representative of the people) Muslim administrators.

What is unrealistic or even funny is the objection to the well known decision of the system which is the "white hegemony" boiling with stubbornness and uprising is the tactic which it appealed through the reiteration of the Semsettin Günaltay experience in 1949 in order to freeze the reformation process at this point.

Just as how Semsettin Günaltay could not prevent DP coming into the parliament with the overwhelming number of votes, the "roof lover" Pensylvennia will not be able to prevent Recep Tayyip Erdogan from coming into the seat of presidency that represents change in the name of people.

Let me go back to the argument "we are going to wake up with a new morning in August 11, 2014" and underline this point:

True, we are going to vote for a new president and we are going to elect him in the "same" system restored in favor of the people in terms of the improved people-authority relationships.

I am coming to the part in which some people – when mentioning oligarchy – get themselves lost in the terms of sociology. With its 1,500 years of known history, this geography"s nations have always submitted to one single person"s authority and they accepted this submission as a cultural gene. Even though this includes similarities with the terms of oligarchy, it"s not identical with it. It functions as a means of lever in its own transitional operation in evolving from presidency into state presidency.

I mentioned a "new compatibility" project above. I also should note that it is possible that this project comes together with this obligation.

With its evident proofs, we won"t wake up with a new morning on August 11, but in the middle and long term, we will wake up with brand-new periods (including a new bargaining and even exceeding in the system instead of opening it).

The land belongs to God. He controls it, and many honest people in history realized things that seemed impossible with the permission of God. God seated many oppressed, poor people to the highest point from the lowest degree.

With this hope, wish and expectation, let us elect the "new man" who possesses such a new, distinct profile from all the previous ones.

"The Truth converts the evil into good / don"t think otherwise / the knowledgeable simply watch it / let us see what our Lord does / whatever he does, he does it well"


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