'You are over exaggerating democracy' - NEDRET ERSANEL

'You are over exaggerating democracy'

The US TV series “House of Cards,” which has a special audience – or probably best to say, addicts – in countries where it is broadcast, including Turkey, left the season finale at an exciting edge.

The series reflects the “schemes” in Washington and the White House in unprecedented scenes. Such that examples would need to be given in relation to the president and his wife's private lives and those that join them, but let us not get into that. We already saw a similar and real Oval Office scandal together.

Still, it is possible to share other scenes in the name of the savageness of the scenario. The president has his legs on the desk while holding a book and the door is knocked. The president leaves the book and approaches the door. You think the camera is going to follow him, but it pans and shows you the book on the table: The Quran!

Another sequence from the same episode: The president is in the church alone and standing in front of Jesus's statute. He gets close to the statue's face and makes a gesture that is not even appropriate for us to mention, et cetera.

Hence, this strange series made its finale with an interesting situation that can “truly become real” in the short future.

In the series it is time for the presidential election in the US and this president joined the campaign by nominating his wife as vice president. In other words, husband and wife, they became candidates to rule the US and the “world.”

Hillary and Bill Clinton

As is known, the U.S. currently going through a “real” presidential election process. Hillary Clinton is the strongest presidential candidate. The previous day the US media shared this news with the public: “Hillary appointing Bill Clinton to oversee economy.” (17/05, VOA.)

We all know who Bill Clinton is. He is still a powerful political figure in the US. Despite the Lewinsky scandal, he is known to have high vote potential, especially in the southern regions of the country. This is the real reason behind Hillary's statement.

Meanwhile, whether Bill Clinton will join the cabinet is a different matter. Two presidents in a single cabinet? And husband and wife at that? We have to agree that it is not something we see every day. Nobody is expecting him to be nominated vice president. It would be a huge surprise. But it is explained in the series how the people would be convinced. In brief, it is a matter of frightening the electorate to accept the lesser of the two evils.

Even if Bill is not on the cabinet, it is enough for him to be the “First Gentleman.” Eventually there are going to be two presidents in the White House. We can agree that the series' claim holds true. I have said before and I'll say it again. When foreign policy and war is in question, Hillary Clinton is a more dangerous candidate than Donald Trump.

For example, the situation US President Barack Obama was dragged into due to all that happened in Libya is unimportant to her and, she still believes that the intervention in this country is going to end well.

Considering the Obama administration's recent statements bringing this issue on the agenda again, it is astounding.

Two simple citations are explanatory: “President Obama: Libya aftermath 'worst mistake' of presidency” (11/04, BBC) and "Libya'ya müdahale tartışılıyor" (Intervention on Libya in discussion) (17/05, Sabah).

The president's (husband's) men

A Hillary breeze in the Middle East can fan the settled state. Clinton may approve the idea of forming a no-fly zone and humanitarian corridors in Syria. In fact, she might even “sacrifice” the regime of Bashar Assad. (This also means giving the opposition the “needed weapons.”)

The same applies for Ukraine. Ukraine's armed forces may also get what they wanted. The part that concerns Turkey is that if Clinton becomes president, since it is going to be US foreign policy, the White House's foreign policy advisers and the Department of State team are important. We can write one by one who they will be, their background and tendencies, but it is early for that. However, all these names will manage Bill Clinton. We “know” these figures, they are familiar types.

It would be good if we noted who Hillary Clinton might get advice from in relation to the Pentagon, i.e., the Secretary of Defense: Retired Army Gen. Jack Keane and John McCain! I hope the message is clear.

Russian and Chinese policies

It is no secret that Hillary Clinton dislikes Russia. So much so that she would outdo Trump in this regard. As for China, Clinton previously and openly wrote that a new balance needs to be established between the two countries. In other words, she may break keystone agreements that are currently maintaining the balance. The only unknown is what her husband would say about it. (If Hillary is elected, those trying to understand the US are going to have an even harder time. We are going to have to have to figure out their husband-wife relationships and interfere.)

In terms of the general state of our region, it is possible that it will not even be on the agenda as much as today. Iran may have a tough time. The relief of sanctions may slow down. The “Had Hillary been elected instead of Obama in 2008, the Iran agreement would never have happened” claim is a strong one.

What about Turkey? Of course this is what everybody is wondering, but the answer is simple. If Hillary wins, we can say that the 2023 goal is going to be greatly facilitated.

What if Trump is elected?

For those who still fail to understand, if necessary, force them to memorize Noam Chomsky's opinion: “the Democrats and Republicans – and that used to be pretty accurate, but it's not anymore. The US is still a two-party state, but there's only one faction, and it's not Democrats, it's moderate Republicans.” (“Chomsky: The Majority of Today's Elected Democrats Are Moderate Republicans,” 15/05, Alternet.)

In this case, we can end with a statement from the president in “House of Cards,” Frank Underwood: “You are over-exaggerating US democracy.”


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