Just as changes were starting in Turkey's foreign policy... - NEDRET ERSANEL

Just as changes were starting in Turkey's foreign policy...

The Republic of Turkey is battling all terror organizations without distinguishing among them; however, there are two that make the top of the list...


The United States announced that it did not recognize these two organizations as terror organizations (we don't buy the argument that “the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) and the Democratic Union Party (PYD) are different”).

What is the meaning of looking Ankara right in the eye and justifying the two terror organizations saying “we wear the same uniform with one” and “we host the other in our house?”

In an official response to a journalist who asked “Aren't you concerned about Turkey accusing you of supporting two terror organizations?” the US Department of State said, “We don't see them as terror organizations. It is up to Ankara to decide what position it will take regarding this matter,” interpreted in our language as “we don't care” and “dare if you can.”


A current and productive summary of the reasons that led Berlin to the Armenian genocide vote can be traced in Professor Beril Dedeoğlu's following statement: “It appears that since Germany got on bad terms with Russia because of Ukraine, it is faced with the influx of refugees and it lost the chance to operate alone in the Mediterranean-Caspian region, Merkel has decided to establish her 'initiatives' anew through Turkey.” (“Büyük ekonomik oyunda Türkiye'yi konumlandırma mücadelesi” (Struggle to position Turkey in the great economic game), 01/06.) We can add the US pushing Europe because of the automotive scandals and allegations of the intelligence services of both countries wiretapping each other; and internal affairs panicking because of the refugee crisis.
Then what is this so-called genocide scandal about?
The parliament's approval being “advisory” to the Merkel administration does not mean anything.
They are “familiarizing” it on the one hand, while they use this issue – even if fictitious – as a shield against Turkey, which currently holds the refugee influx toward the EU as the strongest joker of its history.
Part of the genocide blackmail used by the Bundestag to threaten Ankara is connected to Syria.
It is completely political. Germany's “we knew then, but we ignored it” confessions do not alleviate the reality.
How is such a “claim of responsibility” going to affect Germany, which happily committed the most disgraceful and systematic genocide witnessed in human history?


At this point I can offer a presumption to show that this move by Germany is done to give Europe the upper hand in negotiations with Turkey.
A German representative in parliament on Thursday said, “I would especially like to stress a point; the Jewish genocide cannot be lightened with this. We Germans will always deal with this issue.”
Israel's genocide issue is exceptional. Israel is a country that benefited from the advantages of this.
Come to think of it, even when advising the so-called genocide claim to its own governments, they planned from the very beginning to give props to Israel's sensitivities, or rather its advantageous position.
To sum it all up, Ukraine, Russia, Germany, EU-US relations, the Black Sea-Georgia, Azerbaijan stretch and Armenia, and of course Syria-Iraq-Iran and Israel... And the PKK, and its illegitimate affiliates, the PYD and its armed People's Protection Units (YPG), the southern border and Daesh.

They are all the same – positions of the co-war.
Therefore, when a bullet comes from the EU or US front, our troops in Syria and the southeast are immediately on alert.

Can Russia and Iraq wanting us to leave our front and withdraw our troops, or the president and the staff of general's latest statements be exempted from this sequence?


The countries connected in this case and the timing is important, but this incident also has a difference.
This attack came just after statements that the new government's foreign policies would change.
Berlin's move was surprising because it was unexpected in that it would not take such a destructive step while such a large-scale refugee crisis existed... On the other hand, we should think about why such a move was made when Ankara was ready to reform foreign policies. (“Ankara mesajı: Dış politika değişikliği zaruri,” (The Ankara message: A foreign policy change is essential), 01/06, Hürriyet.) Ankara noted four points. It said, “Serious steps need to be taken in at least these four areas in foreign policy:”
1- Turkey will support a process in Syria in which all segments of society cooperate and are able to express themselves. We prefer an atmosphere in Iraq in which different segments of society are included, and the relations between the central government and the administration in the north are organized.
2- We desire the soured relations between Turkey and Russia after the downing of the plane to be restored.
3- The relations between the EU and Turkey need to be positively restored after the visa exemption issue. Visa-free travel is very important in terms of Turkey's foreign policies.
4- The normalization of relations between Israel and Turkey. We will insist that the embargo be alleviated and even lifted.
How do you think the Berlin move will affect these four points?
Will it reduce or increase them?



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