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Iran-Turkey hand in hand in the minefield

Everybody should be able to remember US President Barack Obama's Egypt and Turkey speeches (2009) deemed “historic” and “a new start.”

In his speech at Cairo University, he almost apologized for the CIA's plot to oust the Muhammad Musaddiq government in 1953.

When evaluated today, it is not known whether the Iranian public remembers this, but it can be regarded as a hint for how American plans are put into effect.

· The convenience of shortcuts such as “I will say the last thing first,” are based on the advance warning, “Do not deviate from the topic.” I am a supporter of deviating from the topic and I regard Iran being accepted into the game as the US coming together with its friend in the Cold War.

After this point you can read the future Tehran-Moscow and Tehran-Ankara relations as you wish.

Every country including Turkey knew that the International Atomic Energy Agency gave Iran's nuclear activities a “passing grade,” followed by the US blessing this decision, and then the European Union and the UN being proud of this decision.

And after all the international centers lifted the sanctions on Tehran, “Iran came back into the game” as the general media puts it. We can regard Washington bringing new sanctions on the “ballistic missile tests” as an attempt to tranquilize countries like Israel and Saudi Arabia which are uncomfortable with Iran's return. Iran used this to boast to its public by saying “America cannot interfere in our business.” This is a good example for a “win-win” situation.

Both Iran and the US are in a political-love relationship, and all their fights are like those between lovers. And it was always like this: Most probably there was no Iran nuclear program or threat against the US. We can regard the 2015 nuclear agreement as an “introduction to a start.”

The Iran agreement can be regarded as Barack Obama's presidential legacy or a Nobel Prize received in advance. But those who have to live with Iran after Obama is gone have to know how US-Iran relations will continue. It should be known how relations between Iran and the West will continue and the state of the tension between the Gulf countries, Israel and Syria. The agreement will enable easy intervention into the crises mentioned. But the things that will be written in the new page with Iran for real “US interests” is more important.

· Iran's settled and irrevocable anti-West and anti-Israel rhetoric continues and does not have any meaning. The US and everyone else knows that Iran's foreign politics discourse is this much.

The real job starts after this.

Washington believes that Tehran's policies will irrevocably harmonize with the international community. In time, but increasingly.

I should add that there is nothing that can be easily scattered and abused in Obama's legacy. The next president has to look out for this too. We can add the other important countries (China, Russia, India and the EU) to the US too.


Iran should act responsibly.

The “necessity of responsibility” is the most important subtle point of this agreement.

Tehran will be rather useful and eager. It will develop new economic relations with all the countries that are a part of the agreement and the complementary parts.

The current Tehran government, growing stronger, will learn not to press firmly on the equations, and will be more flexible toward stability and politics. It seems like the US Foreign Affairs and Iran table has given the White House a “trustworthy” report.

While the White House explains its new relationship with Iran, it constantly, powerfully and openly talks about its “American interests.”

We know where America's interest is. Everything standing before this conflicts with the US's interests.

Well, what if its allies in the region oppose this?

Are the doors of the new places to be established in the new world open or closed?

If they are closed, it should be understood when and how these doors were locked.

The US president spoke during the “implementation day” for the Iran nuclear program on January 17. (“Statement by the President on Iran,” The White House Official Web Site.)

Turkey's Foreign Affairs published these lines at about the same time: “Turkey welcomes the 'implementation day' in the Comprehensive Mutual Action Plan, toward a solution between the Turkey-Iran nuclear program, between the P5+1, EU and Iran. We congratulate those who made this diplomatic success possible.

We emphasize the importance of all parties acting responsibly and encouraging integration for the security and stability of the region.”

Both Ankara and Tehran will act in accordance with watching out for the interests of both capitals.

Will there be a crisis? Of course. All the mines used in the short run in Iran-Turkey relations are US-made.

Furthermore, maps showing the locations of these mines are present in both capitals.

Will the mines be stepped on despite this?


This is the problem.


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