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September: Fall of the old world order

There is no such thing as “the U.S. is collapsing.” That would come with a bigger bang. It may withdraw from the field; and such a possibility should be discussed. Even if it does withdraw, it won’t go down without putting up a fight. However, it is ... more

‘We’ are going to stay at home, Turkey is not!

There is important work to do. We have to follow through with them while simultaneously fighting the virus. One such situation took place on Friday last week. Syrian President Bashar Assad and United Arab Emirates (UAE) Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zaye... more

20 reasons why Turkey is in Syria

“Those who ask, ‘What business does Turkey have in Syria?’ are actually those bemoaning why terrorist organizations are still operating in Syria rather than in our country.”If this statement by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was said to ordinary peop... more

Idlib’s secret: Why did Russia attack Turkey?

There is no doubt that both Russia and the Damascus administration – and, according to some claims, Iranian militia forces on the ground – knew the location of Turkish troops. As is its custom in multilateral joint military operations, Ankara had the... more

Who told Haftar to ‘Go back to Libya’ that night?

The real aim of the assassination of Qassem Soleimaini is to re-organize Iraq, which is like an out-of-control satellite, constantly crashing into the “others,” because Iraq was no longer within the orbit of the 2003 invasion. Iran is supposed to be ... more

NATO's new ‘boogeyman’

Shall we discuss the possible “outcomes” of the NATO summit that is set to take place on Dec. 3-4, 2019, in London?We need to interpret NATO and Turkey’s “relations” in the near future. It is possible to say that NATO will also receive its fair share... more

Erdoğan’s ‘historic’ meeting with Putin in Sochi

As you read these lines, it will all be over and done with; but at the time this article was being written, it was all yet to begin.At 10:00 p.m. on Tuesday night, the Turkish Armed Forces’ (TAF) “ceasefire” button may be deactivated, and the purge o... more

How the Aramco attacks will alter US-Saudi ties

Even though the backbone of U.S.-Saudi ties have been cracked, a multi-billion dollar brick is holding their relations together...Ever since Sept.11, 2001, a series of events, including the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, have been used a... more


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