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India against us? China on our side?

We have given a warning like that before; “One of the vulnerable points of attack that this triangle has to be cautious about is the possibility that the long time myth that has been around the Middle East could be turning into a political attack; 'S... more

Iran's courage will fall short of the coalition's magnitude

The Erdoğan-Obama meeting belongs to the “first coalition,” while the Erdoğan-King Salman meeting belongs to the “second coalition.” As a matter of fact, there is a new situation in the Middle East... It's necessary to quickly adapt to this… With a ... more

These internal conflicts will have global results!

You haven’t misread…. Conventional readings state that when the balances in a country’s domestic politics are disrupted, then the determination in that country’s foreign policies will also be dispersed. It’s still valid.I also state the contrary in t... more

Visiting Ukraine under the shadow of nuclear weapons

Yesterday President Erdoğan set off for Ukraine for the Turkey-Ukraine Higher Level Cooperation Council meeting. Regarding the underlying reasons for the meeting, an official statement read, “…to consider the current, dual and regional topics and to ... more

June love: Washington will caress its “wings”

Vienna… Russian diplomat Anton Mazur said, “Although Russia is the one that pulled out of the agreement, the responsibility belongs to the West. From now on, we find it meaningless to continue conventional weapon negotiation and withdrawing from the ... more

Mosul Operation: What does the US want, and what would they get?

The National Intelligence Agency and its Undersecretary have always been honored with great public interest. It’s not a secret that there was much speculation over it. The government didn’t want Hakan Fidan to leave his position, also, the organizati... more

The US’s defeat and Cairo Kalashnikov in old Europe

While Turkey is trying to spare itself from the trip ups of freaks like the June Movement that is inspired by/ a clone of Gezi  incidents, the real mind games of the piers, which support the global balances, are forming ceasefire agreements on the Ea... more

The backdrop to the Syria negotiations

“The question to which an answer is being sought most these days is whether Moscow might have been convinced about an ‘Assad-less solution?...’”The answer to this question which was mentioned by Ibrahim Karagül, the editor-in-chief at Yeni Şafak, in ... more

Davutoğlu"s "Tenure Compass"

Are there any exceptions, of course there are. However, the problems that exist in the Middle East today are evident. The crises to which we react like "where did this come from" are the deliberate updates of the preceding tensions. Today, the design... more

MOSSAD-ISIL connection and India operation in Iraq!

There are no bigger billboards for the Cold War symbolism then Cuba. As Putin visited Fidel, after Moscow had written off their $32 billion debt, and started spinning the old "electronic intelligence mechanism", this was actually a complete "From Rus... more


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