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You are going to sit at the table with super powers on April 16

The U.S.'s missile attack on the Damascus regime in response of the usage of chemical weapons - while its statement is along the lines of "We don't care whether [Bashar] Assad stays or goes," is still fresh, it has been declared by Russia and Iran as a "red line". Yet on the following day, Moscow denied this news reported by Reuters, saying, "there is no such thing."

You can understand the state that Moscow and Washington are in, by looking at the photographs left behind from the base (that has been wiped off the map) and the photographs showing the launch. Which were all released 24 hours later, simultaneously.

Terms and conditions:

First, those missiles did not only hit Syria, but also Russia, the Republic Guards, North Korea and Tehran. However, the range is still not long enough.

Second, according to the “Established Western mind,” while the U.S. and the U.K. “need” to be in the Middle East, with Germany and France also being pushed, Russia—Syria-Iraq-Iran having suppressive power over the entire region, its complications being the result of the Barack Obama administration, creates a problem. (“Ortadoğu'da yeni dönem” (New era in the Middle East), April 10, 2016, Süleyman S. Öğün, Yeni Şafak).

Third, in the Western alliance, the U.S. and EU/Continental Europe, are experiencing fractions between them and in their midst. Yet, they both agree on being “against” Russia.

Fourth, the U.S.'s view of Russia is based on their global balances, while China/Pacific and Europe's view of Russia is based on their economic/energy dependencies.

Fifth, was the trade agreement between Ukraine and the U.S.-Europe (TTIP). The military, political and economic pressures on Russia at the point reached did not work and, as a matter of fact, the opposite happened in Ukraine, Crimea and Syria.

Sixth, when you add the slide in Washington's internal balances to the repercussion of U.S. President Donald Trump's “sympathy” for Russia in the world, a pro-Kremlin president profile emerged. The president was against the plans of the former president and his devotees.

Seventh, this is what getting closer to Israel and isolating Iran does. That is why the U.S. missiles hit Syria. Sending your own son-in-law to Iraq together with the chief of General Staff, to sever the ties between Russia and Iran, Tehran and Bagdad, and getting Massoud Barzani's administration to raise flags, is sending the message: get away from Iran or I will “destroy” you. That is what the approaching elections in Iran are about.

The “intentional chaos” created in the Middle East by the Obama administration has broken the U.S. ally countries apart, as well.

Eighth, we can now see Trump's plan. It ruined a Berlin-based and united Europe. The U.K. leaving the EU has distanced Paris and Berlin.

Ninth, Trump is going to continue to keep NATO in a sharp state, but he is going to have “the place it wants cut” not by looking at Russia, but by focusing on the Beijing-Moscow line.

Tenth, Iran being thrown out of the game, is going to lead to Iraq, then Syria and then eventually to Russia being “left breathless.”

Eleventh, life is going to become more difficult for Russia.

Twelfth, it does not matter at all which terrorist organization is conducting the serial terrorist attacks that suddenly started in Russia and are focused on the St. Petersburg/Putin timings. But the regions to which they belong, “make an adjustment” aimed at Moscow's presence in Syria and point to the “inside.” This sign is also indicating the support of the perpetrators.

We should also think about whether the terrorist attacks on the cities of Tanta and Alexandria, right after Egypt's coup leader Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi's visit to the U.S., was the answer to the above paragraph. Surely, by also including Israeli and Egyptian ties.

Thirteenth, it is not certain whether this is a plan to return to the pre-Obama era in the Middle East, but the “outside elements inside” Syria are going to be strangled until they suffocate.

Israel and even Iraq can be included among those doing the strangling. The Democratic Union Party (PYD) and its armed wing, the People's Protection Units (YPG) that are in the region, can also be included.

Fourteenth, Russia's famous and boring “dream of getting down to warm waters” would have become true, but those waters are going to be kept at a boiling point. This is one of the reasons why Egypt is crutial. (“Trump'ın dış politika karineleri” (Clues of Trump's foreign policy), April 5, 2016, Beril Dedeoğlu, Star.)

The closest wave of this line that starts from the Baltics and passes through to the Middle East and to China, is going to be the Middle East, and its highest wave is going to be the Far East. Wasn't Trump's tweet stating that 'North Korea is looking for trouble' clear enough?

Fifteenth, yet one of the biggest links in this chain is missing. The U.S. and Russia are currently not asking that certain “link” this question. They are waiting and will be waiting until Sunday.

The referendum to be held in Turkey on April 16 is going to strengthen Ankara's hand against these matters referred to as “national security problems”.

They are going to ask that question based on the power the Turkish people give to Ankara.

The question to be asked to Ankara may be simplified as, “Which side are you on?”, but it will not be formulated this way because Turkey's response to such questions would in turn be, “Which side are you on?”

This is how Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu's statement, “We will not take a side between the U.S. and Russia. We will carry on our relations in a balanced manner. The U.S. and Russia are currently working to avoid losing the YPG in Syria,” should be understood.

Both Russia and the U.S. have their eyes on Turkey. They are watching how Turkey will take action based on the new situation in the Middle East. They can't do anything without Turkey.

But we have to accept that the U.S. is going to want Turkey to contribute to diminishing Russia's area in the seas; the Black Sea, the Mediterranean, the Red Sea and even the Persian Gulf.

As for Russia, it is going to be ready to cut the trade and economic ties with Turkey at all costs.

So, the April 16 ballot holds such grave foreign responsibilities as well.


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