Why is Washington outraged by Ankara's diplomatic success in Ukraine? - NEDRET ERSANEL

Why is Washington outraged by Ankara's diplomatic success in Ukraine?

Let us recall what the U.S. said about the grain export deal: “We welcome the Grain Exports Deal signed hosted by Türkiye. We appreciate the UN and Türkiye’s efforts.” 


Lies of course. Being pleased, and appreciating Türkiye’s efforts, is a big fat lie. 


They are not sincere, because they are dead scared about the likelihood of the grain deal paving the way to a much bigger peace agreement. They are not sincere, because they are pouring more and more developed weapons into Ukraine daily. 


They are not sincere, because they are publishing condolences for the neutralized Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) terrorists through their official institutes (CENTCOM). They cry, saying “they were critical elements.” “Critical” means, “you are killing my men”! 


There is a chronology. When they look at us these days, they see the Astana Summit. They hear Türkiye, Russia, and Iran say in unison, “go home,” as you read in the previous column. 


Then, CENTCOM’s four-star general visited the People’s Protection Units (YPG) terrorist organization’s gang leader in Syria. This was followed by Türkiye's “neutralization” of “critical elements.” Then came the “condolences.” In other words, Türkiye and the U.S. are talking to one another. If you ask “What language is this,” it is “the language they understand.” 



 Next, The New York Times published an analysis. We can say it reflects the U.S.’s “real sentiments” about Türkiye.  

 “Erdogan continues to be a headache for Biden. This is the result of Ankara’s policies that conflict with the West’s agenda, and outrage the White House.” 

 Let us understand what is meant by “outrage.” It is not Ankara’s policies alone that outrage Washington. As they continue to see us as “little America,” what makes them crazy is our “audacity” to do this! 

 They don’t listen to us anyway, they don’t believe what they hear, and turn a deaf ear to reasonable people’s suggestions. They might be blind to Türkiye; they fail to see the difference between the past and present. How are they so unaware of themselves? The reason behind half of their outrage is Ankara, the other half is themselves because they are helpless. They cannot digest the fact that they are “helpless.” 

 When I say “the other half is themselves,” I mean: 

 “In the summer of 2022, a trip to Washington DC can seem like a visit to the scene of a disaster foretold. Having removed Donald Trump from office, and with majorities in both chambers of Congress, the Democrats began 2021 with high ambition and the eyes of the world upon them. A year and a half later, they are facing political ruin. A combination of bad luck, ineptitude, internal divisions, the structures of US politics, and the ruthlessness of their enemies has put not only the future of the Biden administration but the republic itself in danger. 

 The fraying of the existing order is visible at all levels. Internationally, Joe Biden has rallied Nato and its allies against Vladimir Putin’s war on Ukraine. But the damage done by decades of misguided US geopolitics cannot be undone. 

 Meanwhile, the economic fallout from the war in Ukraine will push weakened institutions of governance to the point of collapse. And as Washington seeks to cajole “democracies against autocracies” abroad, the pillars of the US’s own liberal regime are under attack.” ("Why Joe Biden failed”, 20/07, A. Tooze, The New Statesman.) 

 There are numerous such articles published by qualified/reputable writers in the U.S. It seems that they feel no need to look as they sense a state of wellbeing towards the end. 


 Will a fallout between Russia-Israel serve our interests? 

 It’s not very clear when the event is expressed in “news language.” 

 “Moscow shut down the ‘Jewish agency’ operating in Russia.” 

 This is the whole sentence. It signals one more fallout continuing on the Europe-Middle East-Caucasus-West Asia guard. 

 Israel’s prime minister shares the same sentiment: “It is a serious event that will affect relations between the two countries.” 

 The agency’s (JAFI) objective is to encourage Jews spread across the world to migrate to Israel. The migration issue is vital for both Israel and U.S. Jews. 

 Moscow and Tel Aviv always took care to maintain their relations, because their interest clusters are great. Yet, what happened now to cause a crisis major enough to break existing ties? 




One, of course, the agency is affiliated with the Israeli state. It has clear ties with the U.S. as well. 


Two, Russia will not make a decision that has the capacity to produce political results of this scale without “catching” anything. 


Three, Israel is going to elections in early November, and the decision is “crushing” the government in the eyes of the global Jewish diaspora! 


Four, the matter is deeply related to the Ukraine war. As is known, there are tens of thousands of Jews in Ukraine. One of them is in Kyiv. 


Five, they are close and have a kinship with the Jewish presence in Russia – whose population is more than 150 thousand. 


Six, one of the claims that escalated the crisis is the network between CIA-MOSSAD-Jews in Russia and the Jews in Ukraine. Israel’s transition from a “relatively unbiased” position in Ukraine to supporting Kyiv cannot be overlooked. 


Seven, the news that a committee of jurists from Israel will be visiting Russia may give an idea about what Moscow “caught”! 


Eight, the fallout between Russia and Israel: A) Biden’s visit will harm the efforts for the “new NATO” balances in the Middle East. B) Such a fallout would be transformational while the labor pains of new geopolitics are ongoing in the region. C) The U.S.’s anti-China-Russia front will cause a vulnerability. D) Concrete results will be revealed regarding Israel’s operations aimed at Syria. E) The West wanted to position the Jeddah meetings and the Astana Summit at polar opposites of each other. Russia-Türkiye-Iran will start to stand out more. F) Considering the whole, Israel will lose more when the Russian Jews in Israel are included. G) Ankara-Tel Aviv relations will become more prone to outside influence. H) We know that Tel Aviv “understands” Syria-Iraq-Iran and the Caucasus. They must be more careful in their treatment of Türkiye! 


These are the vast meanings behind one paragraph published in newspapers. 


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