Why does Europe fear the US so much? - NEDRET ERSANEL

Why does Europe fear the US so much?

What if the U.S. dragging Europe behind it – by the hair – and claiming that the Russian economy will eventually collapse, turns out to be like the “miscalculation” Russia made in the initial days of the war when it pounded on Kyiv’s door only to withdraw?

In fact, what if it's a “lie”?

Because, just like the global arms/defense industry sucked the blood out of Ukraine, the U.S. surpassed Russia for the first time as Europe's biggest gas supplier. Though the U.S. LNG comes to Europe at a much higher cost than Russian gas, EU countries are fulfilling Washington’s demands without raising their voices. 

The European Parliament on Tuesday said no to the “Green Deal” with 328 votes. It decided that nuclear power plants are climate- and environment-friendly. Whether this is true or not is a different subject, but they used to tell Türkiye not to build nuclear plants. Now, they are going to rapidly start building nuclear plants in Europe themselves. 

Even the thought of it is funny. As the “Green Deal” was being signed in 2020, referring to the moment the U.S. set foot on the moon, European Commission Chair Ursula von der Leyen said, “This is Europe’s man on the moon moment.” In other words, “it’s a small step for one person, but a great step for humanity.” But what happened to Europe’s humanity now? Where is it? The İstiklal Avenue’s LGBT supporters and hysterical liberals are all quiet?

The reality is that they make the one responsible for a mess to clean it up. Hence, they are making the Greens support both the war industry and the energy industry, while the others cheer on.

This is nothing but great political wishy-washiness. 

As a result, Europe was humbled by its “ally,” and ended up laughing out the other side of its face in front of the whole world.

Türkiye is very well acquainted with European-style double standards. Yet, we still associate certain groups’ “European civilization” propaganda not out of loyalty but servitude.


Economic black holes are forming all over Europe - including Berlin and London. It is only natural that Germany’s crisis is voiced the most because if Germany falls, the rest will follow. The fact that it recorded a foreign trade deficit for the first time in 31 years, its import rising to 127 billion euros is not a matter to be taken lightly.

Relevant American companies today started to profit greatly from Europe’s energy needs. They started making new investments - exactly what the U.S. needed. And this is only the beginning.

If you noticed, the situation on the battlefield is no longer discussed as much. It may seem like Ukraine is losing, but in reality, Europe is losing. In Dante’s “Divine Comedy,” the inscription over the gates of Hell warns, “Entering, leave your hopes.” That is the brink to which U.S. “sanctions from hell” are driving Europe.

Official and semi-official Western sources’ pessimistic scenarios and projections regarding Europe’s course toward economic disaster are pages long. Some scenarios even state that in the event the fuel demand declines by 5 million per day, the price per barrel may soar to $380 (JP Morgan, 01/07). Meanwhile, Washington is trying to estimate how long the same Europe can continue the war and fulfill U.S. orders. Political and social unrests, assassinations, and the fall of governments may provide a calendar, but this situation affects Türkiye’s economy as well. Thus - despite having no responsibility or blame - Ankara is constantly and on its own, seeking ways that lead to peace or trying to establish it.


It is in this atmosphere that the “pro-West” groups in our midst are trying to refresh Türkiye’s position after the last NATO summit. Based on both the NATO summit memorandum and NATO’s new Strategic Concept, they are preparing “know your place, these signatures aren’t yours” notes.

As they do not have much armament left, they are resorting to Western values, NATO’s “democratic values,” and using the old threat, saying, “They may come at us even more from now on concerning matters such as human rights, democracy, the superiority of law.” Outdated. Nobody is belittling or refusing these values. But those imposing these on us are corrupt and unreliable. Consider it the “fruit of the poisonous tree.” They always used these values to heavily exploit the world and Türkiye. Therefore, those pointing us in the same direction being pitied are, on one hand, like “doing nothing as the world is on fire,” and on the other hand, they make us curious as to “why they still tell us where we need to stand.”

We know very well that their real problem is to exaggerate Türkiye’s interior political dynamics against Ankara. Thus, for example, they disgraced Türkiye’s attitude about Sweden and Finland’s NATO membership, pushing Türkiye to “cut it short, and accept it without negotiation.” They never said what they would do with these NATO candidates had the six+one table been in power. They just said, “adhere to the alliance spirit.” Everyone knows that they would have been the first ones to sign, even before the U.S.


As I was concluding my column, news reporting former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s assassination appeared on television.

There are two new events: The U.K. prime minister’s ouster, and this attack in Japan, which is a doppelganger for Berlin. We identified the Boris Johnson case and its perpetrators last Thursday. Germany may experience similar stresses - not necessarily in the form of assassination. I will leave Japan for another column.


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