The US is heading 'aimlessly' toward the bink of war with Russia, China - NEDRET ERSANEL

The US is heading 'aimlessly' toward the bink of war with Russia, China

Whenever former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger speaks, he becomes the center of attention for global – and of course, Turkish media. 

 He was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal upon the release of his new book, “Leadership,” and of course, he spoke about the earth’s current state as well. 

 In a nutshell, he says, “is heading aimlessly toward the brink of war against Russia and China.” 

 As the media’s natural trigger directs it to war, this was the focus on the headlines, but the part that is both dangerous and requires attention is the reading of “aimlessly.” 

 If the U.S. is taking a position against both Russia and China – simultaneously – and also driving its alliances to this front, this would be taking a position against the current “transition process to the new world order,” in other words, a position against the global course. Is there any way the U.S. would have no plan, no objective, or no aim? 


I apologize for disappointing U.S. admirers, but this is the case. The U.S. truly has no idea what to do. It has no plan, nor any idea. In fact, some claimed it is picking on everyone's right and left in an effort “to turn over the negotiation table because it was dealt a bad hand.” But that’s not it either. 


You would remember U.S. President Joe Biden’s "America is back” slogan. Where? In fact, besides the other superpowers, numerous powerful countries are also seeing the weakness of the U.S. 


The global inclination from the West to East is getting stronger. Its flow is increasing. Furthermore, the U.S. has no counter plan or a developed plan. It is being drifted away. This is what the “aimless” refers to. In fact, if you notice, the incorrect word is chosen. The right word should be “desperately!”  



 But there is an exception. 

 Interior U.S. policy. 

  The U.S. is going through turbulence, where the global flow meets internal fluctuations, with both economic and social vacuums bleeding the lesions in the country’s social fabric. 


Add to all this the upcoming November elections. 


As the country is “obsessed with polls and dependent on public opinion,” they publish almost daily evaluations showing that the Biden government will stumble. According to them, it’s all over anyway, “The White House will lose a significant portion of its political power.” 


If projections are right, the U.S. will be further affected by both internal and external winds. This winter will see both economic and energy subjects on the agenda. The challenges/grumbling in Europe will reflect on the alliance, as well as on the current international dilemmas/conflicts. This is why certain experts claim, “Biden is the last pro-transatlantic president.” 


In the worst-case scenario, Washington will transform minor or sub-contracted conflicts into medium-scale wars in order to overcome these waves. In reality, the similarities between Ukraine and Taiwan refer to this. 


The U.S. lived in a state of war for half a century, from 1941 (World War II) to 1991 (end of the Cold War). This is its nature. The wars in between can be listed one by one, but the Cold War was a world war model as well. 


It can now repeat the "known” method it resorts to in every crisis that challenges it, but the storm here is not one – there are joint storms. 


Syria and the 'quagmire’! 


The new opposition language in relation to cross-border operations, Türkiye’s most determined anti-terrorism efforts, has new definitions. 


Labeling the other side of our southern border as a “quagmire,’ is an extension of the traditional, “what are you doing there?” mindset. If they had the power, they would go as far as asking, "What are you doing here?” 


However, the term “quagmire” reveals the signs of a greater disturbance. 


Saying, “You are entering a quagmire,” in reference to the Turkish Armed Forces’ (TAF) operations on either Syria or Iraq, is not a language used/seen in Turkish national security experiences. 


This is more so a metaphor used in West-type, U.S.-type overseas interventions, that emerged after examples like Afghanistan and Vietnam. 


As known, as the U.S. was leaving Afghanistan, it threw off aircraft and the people that supported it. Such dramatic “images” from Vietnam are available as well, but there is no need for examples. America was defeated there! 


This expression which is now openly used in reference to the prospective operation in Syria, equates Türkiye to Western countries, the U.S. in this/similar example(s). 


While this mindset confines Türkiye and its interests within its borders, it exalts the terrorists there and the dirtbags behind them to the level of “heroes.” In other words, according to them, there is no Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), no People’s Protection Units (YPG), no Democratic Union Party (PYD), and no U.S. 


Amin Maalouf says, “A child knows the difference between a mother that adopts him and a stepmother. Similarly, people know the difference between saviors and occupiers.” 


It is crystal clear which one Türkiye is, and even its enemies did not slander Türkiye in any such way. 


Their solution suggestions are just as disastrous: “By enhancing the ‘democracy’ in your country, and bringing the United Nations into this area.” 


The UN cannot even help itself. Criticisms specific to the UNGC have hit the fan, and even its own members accept the need for “reorganization.”  


Bringing the UN here – whose "in-tray and out-tray" bureaucracy is one of the reasons that deepened the crisis – would mean supporting plans aimed at dividing Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Türkiye, and transforming the terrorist corridor into a sub-contracted state. 


Countries in the region would not allow it, yet to say, “Türkiye should withdraw and stop the threat aimed at it from this area through ‘democracy’” is nothing other than living in an imaginary world.  


If you reached this extent to eliminate your own country’s political power, you don’t even deserve God’s mercy. 


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