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July 15, how it impacts Türkiye, the world beyond 2023

Heritage tells us where and how we stand. 

Heritage is what July 15’s heroism/sacrifices/martyrdom left behind. Our position is clear. We proved it. 

 But there is a change in “them.” We first need to understand where they are “pausing.” 


We have our observations. We had said, “There is a ‘fluctuation of power’ in the U.S. and throughout West Europe.” We can describe this individually for every European country and the U.S. 


The depth of power corruption and deformation is touched on the surface only in Türkiye. Nobody cares whether they are in over their head. But they are. 


Those associated with how dangerous foundering may know a thing or two about it in the U.S. In other words, they understand that the current regression is the “system’s collapse.” 


They have two matters. First, they are analyzing that a political collapse is happening, and second, this will be combined with a socio-economic collapse, the process has started, and the most critical period will be between 2022 and 2030. 


They are also aware that the political system and socio-economic corruptions cause instabilities concerning the U.S.’s position in the global system. Though, they still do not evaluate is as much as the first two. This is the third matter. 


They are attending to the internal bleeding first, and rightly so. They establish that the values uniting the American people are weakening, and can see that the economic loss will increasingly worsen. The signs are clear, they are not mistaken. It is not that they do not care about external bleedings, but they consider them secondary. 






The total of all this equals “chaos.” They are naming that too. They are estimating that it will peak somewhere in the middle before 2030. In other words, they know that the current crisis may turn into chaos. This is right because they clearly write that the problem is “systemic,” it requires change, and that this will be a chaotic process. 


In brief, the matter is not a sentimental delusion arising from the desires of countries that have issues with the U.S. They directly present all the reasons and results based on evidence, and numeric statements. Going further, they are projecting in which year this will happen within the eight years in question. We will discuss this when the time comes, but I will not go into it any further now. 


They have two presumptions, which are “highly fallible.” First, they are talking about a “state” they call “recovery,” specific to the U.S. alone. A sort of “recovery” state “that makes America, America,” which – to me – is almost mystical, and truly worked in previous crises. It is a liberal approach. They understand it as “hitting rock bottom.” It is the “falling ball” theory. They believe they will rise again. “Hitting rock bottom” has no place in their vocabulary. 


Second is their relations with the “outside world,” the “world’s state” matter, which they postpone as a secondary problem. 


Whether the first will happen is uncertain; it is a sort of imaginary lifesaver. The second is the most critical piece: The “world’s state,” which remains fixed in every conjuncture the first “miracle realized” previously. They take the changing world and its equilibriums fixed like the “pi number.” While they overcome the “system’s collapse,” which develops as a result of the total of all the crises, through a “resurrection” attributed to the U.S. alone, they assume that the outside world will not affect this process. That is to say, they accept that the world is not changing, that their perception of the U.S. and the West remains the same, and, as a matter of fact, that there is no change in other countries as well as their allies’ powers or in the relations with each other and the U.S. 





They deserve applause for sensing that the political/systemic crises and the socio-economic crisis is happening simultaneously. They are aware that it will further increase, but they have become blind to the multiplying impact of the synergy all this will create. They have no idea that this total will multiply once more with the global impact. 


Certain views of the U.S. from various parts of the world and Türkiye are trying to describe this through conventional analyses, and generalizations such as, “Will the world be unipolar or multipolar?” Is it wrong? Not really. Is it right? Not really! When conclusions are reached through “generalizations/reductions,” the outputs cannot be “strategic”! This means, if the cards are played right, the likelihood that the U.S. may really collapse is overlooked. 


Nobody can deny that in the event this happens, it will be the greatest strategic output. 


But what does any of this have to do with July 15’s heritage and 2023? 


The U.S.’s July 15 defeat was one of the first global signals of this “crisis/chaos/system collapse.” More precisely, it was one of the “outside world” effects, which drove these and are considered secondary! The political and economic events developing/expanding in Ukraine and its surroundings are the same. 


There is a correlation between the timing of 2023 and the “systemic rock bottom” expected in the U.S. Surely some other countries are adjusting their own timing in accordance with this “American moment.” In addition to this, we will “choose” and decide how/which role we will play in that panorama, in other words, where in the world and how we will stand. 


This is the heritage this nation left to 2023 on July 15. This is the will of our July 15 martyrs and those before them. 


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