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How America plans to reshape the world in its own image

The global system, dominated by financial capitalism, is foundering. Continuing to adhere passionately to arrogant autocratic concepts such as "American Exceptionalism" and "Nation Building," the United States is developing strategies to reshape the ... more

Why did Biden ask for Putin’s help in Afghanistan?

The peace deal Donald Trump’s administration struck with the Taliban in February 2020 included the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan. Joe Biden, who was elected as President in November 2020, also declared that the pullout would be compl... more

Biden wants to show his Western allies who’s boss

We had mentioned that U.S. President Joe Biden’s approach toward his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin at the Geneva Summit had been met with ire in both Washington and the anti-Russian hawks in Europe. Biden had tried to defend his approach by sayi... more

Biden playing musical chairs around the global table

Everyone was expecting Joe Biden to bare his teeth during the meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva on June 16. Anti-Russia hawks in Washington were not pleased with the attitude adopted by Biden, who had branded Putin as a murderer... more

Turmp’s Bibi got the boot...

After holding four elections in the last two years, a government was formed in Israel. Benjamin Netanyahu, who served as Prime Minister for 12 years, is finally gone. In the Knesset, the Israeli assembly consisting of 120 deputies, the Coalition Gove... more

Trump expects he’ll be reinstated as president by August!

Even though it has been seven months since the U.S. elections were concluded, Trumpist Republicans still believe that the elections were somehow stolen. Conspiracy theories that the elections were rigged and that Trump will return to his seat as pres... more

Is US support for Israel on the wane?

It’s being predicted that the U.S. budget for the year 2022 will be 753 billion dollars under the Joe Biden government. America is the country with the largest defense budget and, at the same time, the world’s biggest weapons exporter. Progressive De... more

It seems that the Nazis were actually inspired by America!

In my previous article I had written how the U.S. stood by and idly watched as a “Jewish genocide” was transpiring. As history has it, the U.S. was one of the world’s most strongest states in this era, and if it wanted to, it could have stopped the N... more


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