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Who will get the last laugh in Afghanistan?

The U.S.’s so-called Afghan mission ended in a complete fiasco. The U.S. proved that it is both militarily and politically bankrupt when the Taliban captured Afghanistan for the second time. The world’s largest armed force, America, failed to defeat ... more

Behold, the new ideology of the future!

It is now palpable that climate change sprouting from the demon of global warming is exponentially exacerbating humanity’s living conditions. There is really no need to be verbose, because we, as the human race, are personally experiencing the conseq... more

Nature keeps warning us, but do we heed her call?

The wildfires in the U.S.’ northwestern states, primarily California, incontrovertibly deepen concerns that man-made climate change leads to dire consequences. Even half a degree increase in temperatures aggravates everyday life and waters down the t... more

Why is the US keeping mum on Israel’s Pegasus spyware?

Not too long ago, U.S. President Joe Biden accused China and Russia of taking cyber pirates under their wings. Furthermore, Biden announced a series of sanctions on Russia for organizing cyber attacks and other “hostile actions” mid-April. However, i... more

‘The best democracy that US money can buy’

In my previous column, I mentioned that the so-called Washington-based “Turkish Democracy Project” think tank boasts the same members of the United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) initiative, which began its operations in 2008. I also drew attention to h... more

War criminal Bolton wants to ‘bring democracy’ to Turkey!

John Bolton, who is known for his disdain against democracy, is among the “intellectuals” of the so-called “Turkish Democracy Project” venture established in Washington. The mere presence of Bolton on any panel is sufficient evidence that the project... more

Trump is making headlines again!

Donald Trump was always making headlines during his term as U.S. president. Close to 90 million people were following Trump's Twitter account. Not only Americans, but also followers from across the globe were eagerly awaiting statements he made on hi... more

Afghans’ 40-year torment will not end anytime soon!

Afghanistan has become the latest example of how even though the U.S. is militarily capable of destroying an established order, it is utterly unable to build a new one in its place. Following a two-decade occupation, America is withdrawing from Afgha... more


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