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Byzantines before the conquest!

When Istanbul was surrounded by Conqueror Fatih Sultan Mehmet's army in the beginning of April 1453, there were two political parties among the Byzantines. One was the “Turkish” party, and the other was “Rome-Latin-European” party. According to the i... more

Great chaos!

The Yemen community is bearing the brunt of the tribe-sect based sociopolitical structure. Western colonist powers benefitted from the disputes between the tribes. Western arms dealers sold brand new weapons to Yemeni tribes at the prime cost and eve... more

Oppression breaks off as it thickens….

The court of the General Sisi regime has intensified the oppression even further by confining the elected President Mohammad Morsi and his friends to the death sentence. They are so blinded by anger that they are even giving death sentences to deceas... more

Children of “New Turkey”

The “New Turkey” idiom is used to enrich envisioning the“ Turkey of the future”. Communal conceptualizing and envisioning are motivational dynamics for people. Muslim thinkers, such as Farabi and İbn-i Sina, who are the forerunners, pondered on the “... more

Stalin's nuisance wasn't Hitler

“Hitler's Germany's” display of the white flag of surrender in May 1945 is being celebrated with ceremonies in Russia. Of course, Russia's, or to put it better, the “Soviet Union's” contribution towards Hitler's defeat was substantial. The Soviet Uni... more

Çanakkale and Relocation

Starting from the beginning of the 19th Century, the Ottoman Empire entered the collapsing period, and at the end of the same century, they were declared “Europe's sick man”. The gaining of independence by the Greeks and Serbs in the 1820s and 1830s ... more

The Mediterranean Sea, or the West's “Wall of Shame”…

More than 700 Africans lost their lives in the “Mediterranean Sea”. More than 400 Africans lost their lives just a couple of days ago and thousands more before that. Agencies reported yesterday that 20 more Africans died. They take the risk of dying ... more

Does Pope Francis remember Tripoli?

Previously, the death toll was 400; now 40 more African immigrants just lost their lives in the Mediterranean Sea. The life they are living must be so bad that these people don't even fear death. Thousands more of them are waiting for their turn on L... more

What's Pope Francis trying to do?

As the spiritual leader of the Catholics, Pope Francis mentioned his one-sided Armenia claims in a ritual that the President of Armenia and leaders of the Armenian churches, it shows that the matter is being politicized by the Vatican. Thus, the hand... more

The “Arab League” and Arabian streets…

The “Arab League's" Egyptian Secretary General Nabil Elaraby recently made a statement in which he blamed Turkey. To some, this statement is an indication of the fact that the “Arab street" has turned its back against Turkey. However, the “Arab Leagu... more

How the Japanese know Turkey!

For a couple of days, we are in Japan in order to watch the “U.N. 3rd World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction in 2015.” The conference is being held in the city of “Sendai” in northern Japan. In the 2011 earthquake, Sendai and its surrounding saw... more

National security will not endure weakness…

“Colonel Gaddafi”, who seized the administration by staging a coup in 1969, had used the petrol resources of his country for his individual career unconsciously. He filled up his silos with fighting airplanes he purchased from the “West” and “Soviet ... more

If dreams came true!

Expectations for the future always form the content of dreams. For communities, who fail to unite around the “common dream”, “disintegration” is an inevitable end. The “Ottoman dream”, which surrounded three continents, continued for 300 years. The u... more


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