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Election results and what they make us think

The elections held on June 7, all of a sudden, led the country into a different lane. Except for the playmakers who prepared this result, suddenly within a day the public opinion -as it was 13 years ago-couldn't guess that they would be dragged along a coalition environment again.

HDP's exceeding the threshold beyond expectations and becoming a key party caused a shocking surprise and restlessness. It is certain that in our geographical area in the last 20-30 years, the Kurdish problem played a dominant role. It is the truth which did not want to be seen for a long time. In some of my previous articles, I had pointed out what a dominant problem the Kurdish problem was; the way to solve it would shape our future, especially the future/destiny of Islam religion in this geographical area. The crux of the problem is right there. I think that's the point our politicians could not realize. The case is far beyond a fourth party exceeding the threshold and AK Party not being able to continue the rulership alone… Evaluating the result only within this aspect means not being able to interpret the picture at all. The issue of HDP's whether exceeding the threshold or not was actually an issue of edge/curve. And that should be considered very important. Especially considering the pressures, threats, open voting, after it received votes to sweep all the other parties in the region. This can be said here: “When MHP exceeds the threshold there is no problem; then, is it a problem when HDP exceeds?”

Yes. At first glance, it is a right objection. But, the international dimension of the problem, the chaos in the south, ISIL factor, social perception conflict, separating the peoples, conflicting aims, when the intervention of the international conflicting guardianship that will definitely increase is considered, what we face is, especially for Kurds, exactly a disaster. Here all the factors; reasons can be scrutinized and analyzed.

I had pointed out before. Since 2009, AK party strangely, gradually regressed from the region /Kurdistan. I first mentioned this on TV channels in 2009. But, since today, AK Party always emptied areas in favor of PKK/HDP. Since that date in the elections in the regional base, there was negative behavior in choosing candidates.

As the years progressed, more low profile candidates began to appear in front of the voters.. Moreover, AK Party's spiting the other parties, the opposition parties, in the squares, saying, "We are there in the region, but you are absent; you cannot go beyond Sivas and Malatya, but we can" was an attitude jeopardizing itself, and also it was not right politically. According to the election results now, it became quite difficult for AK Party to go to the region. It was almost taken out of the region.

As for the Resolution Process, since it has its gun in its hand, only as a focus, the İmralı- Qandil-HDP triangle was spoken with as a collocutor. They were negotiated with. Especially the pious people/masses in the region were left out of this process. Also, with these environments, all the dimensions of the Kurdish problem, the whole picture had been the subjects of negotiation on the table. However, negotiating the subjects as silencing the guns, leaving the guns, the return of those in the mountains to the country, going back home, emptying the prisons, and participating in the political process was quite natural. But, the amendment of the constitution, the regulations for giving the identity rights, constitutional indemnification, annulment of the law on unification of education, solving all the problems about the mother tongue, subjects like the preparation of a new constitution based on the equal citizen base and all the steps to be taken in this direction; should not only be shared and negotiated with them, but also with all the Kurdish sides, opinion leaders, actually with the entire country.

Already for these reforms which must be made, before waiting for the dispersal of the armed structuring in the organization, steps should spontaneously be taken. Also, while these reforms were being made, not to lose cogency, strong messages should be given to the society. In the constitutional amendment referendum in 2010, the Middle Anatolia's voting “Yes” against MHP's “No” campaign, based on all the Kurdish problems, was a bonus given to the ruling party for making the reforms and taking the steps on this issue. In other words, such kind of steps/ reforms would not trigger the reactional nationalism in Middle Anatolia. Middle Anatolian people had given a visa to the government for the peaceful resolution of the Kurdish problem in spite of MHP. This result could not be interpreted well. I had clearly pointed out this situation in various TV channels at that time. Since 2011-12, speaking only with this focus as the only collocutor, negotiating the issue/ whole picture and all the variants of the Kurdish problem with them, the general Kurdish public opinion was swept under the umbrella of this focus.

Made in this direction, social / political pressures that have already been weakened thoroughly by the state for more than 30 years, the other elements of Kurds, especially religious people, and the Kurdish masses that were by being swept under HDP / PKK umbrella were digested/discharged.

Also, due to the single collocution ground being perceived as the Qandil-İmralı HDP triangle, the "Kurdish Side" was literally inscribed in the minds.

Automatically, AK Party, the ruling party became the “Turkish Side” in this perception. The contribution of this perception in the results today is very big. With this wrong perception, most of the Kurds headed for the party that was inscribed in the minds as the “Kurdish Side”. The terror organization PKK and its extensions, by means of the propaganda network/method, became very successful in Turkey and the international public opinion made progress in the perception operation and setting the perception.

For example before 2013, as if no name like “Rojava” existed, suddenly as if it was a geographical name which has been used for centuries, they managed to inscribe it in the minds.

In this process, since AK Party could not build a wall against this perception operation. And as reforms, even if they were not enough when compared with the past, almost took some revolutionary big steps, and made progress, in a way that it did not deserve, with negative statements an unnecessary reverse perception was formed.

Even remaining silent would prevent the formation of this perception. However, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, defining the issue as a “Kurdish problem” in his speech as the prime minister in 2005 in Diyarbakır, and caring about the problem in person by giving positive messages, gave big hopes to the Kurdish people and pious people masses. He gave hope forthe pious-conservative masses who have been ill-treated since 1991 in the region for finding a harbor as shelter and an umbrella to be gathered under.

The results of these hopes in the 2007 elections were reflected severely and in the context of AK Party. Even as AK Party was having 75 Kurdish deputies, even with the independent candidates, the number of the BDP/HDP deputies was 20. This was then personally emphasized by the Prime Minister. Looking at the issue internally, rather than having the collocutor in the opposite, by internalization it should be solved, initially. If it put itself on the other side of the table, in spite of the alliance of all the opposition groups on this issue, it would not face this result.

Besides, the strengthening of statements like “HDP must exceed the threshold; if it exceeds the threshold, then the political area expands as the party is accepted by the entire country, and there would be a relief. An opposite situation can cause the armed action again” contributed to getting partially stronger, even inside AK Party.

When we look at the international dimension of the Kurdish problem and HDP's position on this ground, it is clearly seen that in the future, an event like this will not take place at all. With its formed dominance, which will be developed in the region for raising the bar higher, the prediction of engendering the major regional conflict and chaos becomes more predominant..

We will continue to write about this topic


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