Election results and our geographical area's future – 3 - MÜFIT YÜKSEL

Election results and our geographical area's future – 3

Since the 1980s, the policies of the government on the Kurdish issue have always been paving the way for Apo supporters/the outlawed PKK and strengthened their position. The deep state in Turkey with the so-called government reflex blocked the path for the Kurdish issue without causing a division, taking steps for the resolution in a peaceful way.

One of these reflexes is preventing extensive usage of the Kurdish language; the other one is preventing the Kurds to get government jobs. Both of these reflexes were the mortal mistakes of the government. As long as the government blocked the solution for the question acting with nondescript reflexes, the PKK increased its effect on the Kurdish mass.

Also, for a long time with the official ideology of the government based on anti-religion; with its reflexes against Islam, was always hitting and quite weakening downgraded Islam, which is the unique guaranty of the people to live together without fighting for centuries. The government and outlawed PKK have been a natural ally with their ideological stance against religion. However during the February 28 process, this alliance was clearly felt. Even in 1982, the concept that the National Security Council internalized against the existing organizational structures in the region, was enough to make PKK preeminent.

Again in the same years, mostly gathered around bookstores, some Islamic/Islamist groups, even if they were potentially stronger than outlawed PKK etc. leftist /Marxist structures; lost this potential tussling with the Salafi-Takfiri understanding which was brought by Radical/Political Islamist literature based on ideological Salafism.

With the effect of the ideological Salafism, these Islamist groups having histo-incompatibility with the piety of the people in Kurdistan, in the 90s entered the process ofa tragiccollapse.

Radical/ Political Islamist groups, with their behavior declaring the piety of the people as blasphemousness and with the days of ignorance (jahiliyyah) accusing with an alienating approach, as they could not affect /bring synergy in Kurdistan based on religious/Islamic ground, the outlawed PKK began to influence using the Kurdish nationalism/nervousness bad temper.

In the June 7 elections, it was clearly observed that, the last few years of the resolution process, only worked for the PKK/HDP line; apart from strengthening the area dominance of PKK, it did not have any contributions on the solution of the problem.

Here, the problem was not about taking a step for the resolution process, but the way it was considered and its method. Especially, with the pressure of some liberal intellectuals, the Religion /Islam factor was deliberately missed. Islam was almost ignored.

The Kurdish issue, being considered on a completely secular ground and a ground postponing the religion, through the language the process had been attempted to be constructed. Already, the collapse of the Islamic/ Islamist groups in the region in the 90s prepared a more convenient ground for this.

Besides, on one side the formation of Rojava with the PYD's hand in the Syrian Kurdish region- this formation is shaped as the fruit of the process-, on the other hand when the picture on the election results emerged after June 7, it can be seen how the PKK provided an initiative in the region both for the Kurds and the region.

At this point, it is understood that the superior mind that has been intervening in the Kurdish issue for a long time does not aim to solve the problem in a peaceful way; through the Kurdish issue the some want the region to be imprisoned into chaos and conflicts. Instead of ending the traumas and the tragedies the nation-state period, nation states caused on the Kurdish people; in this sense they are wrapping the wounds and peace settlement in the region Kurds wanted to be employed as the stick of the west on the Islam world through the hand of the PKK.

Here, unless the real steps are not taken from Turkey and the region to compensate a century of unjust treatment against the Kurds, in a way to compensate the tragedy they lived; the danger of Kurds and the Kurdish issue in the region being used as means and sticks of the West to cause chaos will not be eliminated.


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