Election results and our geographical area's future - 2 - MÜFIT YÜKSEL

Election results and our geographical area's future - 2

The political tradition and style, which I've mentioned in my previous articles, unfortunately never steered towards embracing the Kurdish card, despite having it in its hands and despite the fact that Kurds had mostly made a political preference in this direction for a long time, by fulfilling its responsibilities. Towards the end of 1991, when I had asked, “Why did you cause such a quake in the region/Kurdistan by forming an election alliance with MÇP?” to a high-up Refah Party member in the parliament room, he replied with arrogance; “If we didn't, we would've turned into a Kurdish party and would've been remembered like that”. Unfortunately, the ones, who interpreted Kurds' political preferences this way as “We would've been remembered as a Kurdish Party”, are also the ones who prepared the platform for the result today. The ones, who said “We would've turned into a Kurdish Party and would've been remembered liked that” and turned down the political preferences of the Kurds in every occasion, has no right to say, “Why didn't the Kurds vote for us? They betrayed us; traitors”. Since the 1990s, many things had been said/written, especially in the Islamic wing, on the matter of the Kurdish issue being the essential and crucial issue that will affect the whole region and Islam world. However, due to a rambling infrastructure, the political roof/senior structure had been too late and too far back in perceiving this.

Thus, it's an irrefutable fact that there is a complete communal push here. Despite the fact that this never legitimizes the rise of a party/political focus, which possesses a marginal mentality and ethic, like HDP…

As I've mentioned in my two previous articles; the reasons I've arrayed and many other reasons in the past caused the result today. At the present point, in a country like Turkey, which is one of the strongest countries in the Middle East and Balkans and has the most Kurdish population, the rise of a political structuring, which possesses a marginal ideology/ethics to even praise LGBT, is the Messenger of a scary future. From the point of Kurds and the whole region, we are face to face with a display that darkens the future. No matter what the reason is behind pushing the Kurds in Turkey to that direction with force, including threats-blackmails; for them to steer towards such a political structuring, which is frequently mentioned, is almost an attempt for mass suicide.

Of course, the problem here is definitely not in the mass steering of the Kurds towards a political structuring which takes the Kurdish identity to the forefront… If it was so, then we should have said the same for the structuring in the South, in Iraq Kurdistan, led by Barzani. The actual problem is the essential mentality/ideology, marginal ethic understanding of this political structuring and the mission it essentially represents... It shouldn't be hard to guess what kind of a negative function a political focus/structuring, whose personnel is from Marxist/Stalinist roots, which placed Kurdish ethnic identity over the religion/Islam hostility, which is militant-secular and which frequently mentions that the Kurds can only step towards independence by separating their roads with Islam, will conduct in the future in Kurdistan and our geography.

In the last century, the cost of the traumas/tragedies, which had been formed by nation-state structuring and artificial borders, on the Kurds had been high. Especially, along with the Kemalizm experience in Turkey, the experience of the socialism flavored Baas regime that is based on secular-military Arab nationalism, drowned Kurds in sorrows/tragedies. This led to unjust treatment in the Kurdish community and eventually led to revenge psychology. This psychology, with the effect of the Cold War era ideological structuring and even with impositions, steered towards the totalitarian nation-states and the communities under those. In the Kurdish segments, which are under the influence are of ideological/ethnic nationalism, a grudge and hatred filled reactionism formed directly against Arabic, Turkish and Iranian communities. The political/militant focuses, which are trying to form a domination/influence over the Kurdish public masses with their Kurdish identity representation claims and which possesses this marginal ideology, attempted to process it and increase it. These segments, which used to chant the “Brotherhood of Communities” in the direction of Marxist ideology, are now in the attempt to gather independence (!) over the “Enmity of Communities”. With deeply-conflicting and eternal-enemy expressions, despite the nation-state tragedy/trauma experienced by the Kurds, they are foreseeing bloody wars and provoking the Kurdish community against communities, which they live together with for centuries and are not in war with. Not just that; with their ideological totalitarianism, which comes from their Marxist/Stalinist roots, and Kemalist era mimetic; with their singular/Jacobean understanding; they are planning a merciless domination over the innocent/victim Kurdish community in Kurdistan.


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