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Terrorist coup attempt

For a long time now, I have been reiterating that we are now face to face with a new war concept. As you all know, we are now experiencing a phase in which terror organizations like the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) and Daesh are playing leading roles in the Middle East and North Africa due to the chaotic atmosphere these regions suffer from. Everyone is now aware and knows for a fact that super powers use these terror organizations to change balances in these regions. Besides, this new war concept, which inflicts fear, chaos and terror incidents to design the area, breeds terrorists in these areas to ensure that these wars continue.

For this reason, just as we are experiencing such a period in which Turkey faced a (failed) coup attempt while it was already dealing with the PKK and Daesh, it is of utmost importance that we discuss the nature of this coup attempt. Because the incidents that happened that night are different from other coup attempts throughout the world, and for that matter, throughout history.

Everyone agrees that this is not a coup attempt that the military decided to exercise. Besides, it is not possible to identify a group of soldiers who are loyal to a man living in Pennsylvania as Turkish soldiers instead of the military of the Republic of Turkey's soldiers. If anything, they could be titled "Fethullah's soldiers" just like Daesh terrorists call themselves "Baghdadi's Soldiers" and PKK terrorists claim to be Öcalan's soldiers...

The Gülen Movement being identified as a terrorist organization is not the only quality that distinguishes this coup from any other. The truth we discovered, when we demonstrated against the coup in front of the Police Headquarters on Vatan Avenue just after we confirmed it, was that this was a result of a long struggle and had very important timing. A former Gülenist police commissioner, Mithat Aynacı, emerging from the first of four military tanks dressed in the Turkish Armed Forces' (TSK) uniform proved that this coup was not planned by the military or the military elite, but instead by the Gülenist network.

Another detail is the number of innocent people who were massacred under heavy fire and crushed under tanks while trying to protect their national will, when just a few hours earlier they were enjoying themselves in cafes and restaurants. For example, let's remember the first few days of the coup in Egypt; the number of deaths 48 hours after the coup that happened on July 3, 2013, was 30. In only the first few hours of the Gülenist coup attempt in Turkey, 240 people lost their lives, which shows that this coup attempt did not just try to overtake power and keep civilian deaths at a minimum. After our first stop on Vatan Avenue, we went to Saraçhane Square where we witnessed 17 people being martyred by warplanes in a matter of hours. As we all remember, the Egyptians protested the coup in Rabia Square (which became like an anti-coup camp) until Aug. 14, singing and chanting against the coup. Warning that they would intervene if the square was not vacated on Aug. 14, the Egyptian military killed more than 3,000 people in August. This can help us calculate how many people the Gülenists would have killed in the next few months since they killed 240 people in the first few hours alone.

If we were to remember that night once again, as I can recall there has never been another coup attempt in which F-16 terrorist pilots flew so low and fast over Ankara and Istanbul in that they scared people to death leading them to think that they were being bombed by occupation forces. To use another example from the Egyptian coup: The coupist Abdel-Fattah al-Sissi used basic aircraft, which in no way can be compared to F-16s, days after the coup because demonstrations did not seem to end. These were used to both scare demonstrators and scatter pamphlets claiming that the army was with the people. The Turkish public was directly horrified and this was absolutely an act of terror.

Another important detail is the bombing of the Parliament. Even if the elite military took control because it believed a government was responsible for a country not being governed properly, would they have bombed the Parliament that belonged to the people and the political parties that represented these people? No coup maker who tried to portray their coup as patriotic resorted to such a nonsense claim. Going back to Egypt; the coup makers bombed the Muslim Brotherhood, but no one even thought about bombing the Parliament. Yes, as we remember, the Egyptian coup too was supported by foreign powers, but the occupiers did not attack Egypt as they would have Turkey if the coup was successful.

Another point that needs to be discussed is the issue of correspondence stating that President Recep Tayyip “Erdoğan was to be caught dead or alive.” The attacks on the hotel he visited show that Erdoğan was to be killed. One other thing is that they had no intention of arresting and putting him on trial, like in other coups.

All the issues above show that this coup attempt was neither a normal coup attempt nor a civil coup attempt like the Dec. 17 and Dec. 25 attempts. This attack can only be labelled as a "terrorist coup" attempt. While we speak of a new war concept that countries like the U.S. create by using terror organizations, that horrific night clearly shows that terrorists can also be used for new age occupations


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