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As Uncle Sam exits the stage, will Uncle Joe make his debut?

Before the COVID-19 pandemic struck the U.S. like lightning Trump wasn’t doing so bad. It seemed probable that he would be re-elected. However, the trump administration dropped the ball in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. Fifty million peo... more

What’s really under the rubble of the Beirut blast?

UAE foreign minister Anwar Gargash called on Turkey “to not interfere in the internal affairs of the Arabs." This aforementioned individual was so out of line that he even accused Turkey of harboring colonial aspirations. However, the internal affair... more

How ‘General Covid-19’ could cost Trump the elections

Napoleon was about to win the war against Russia in 1812. However, when an unexpected ally of Russia showed up, Napoleon was unable to crown his victory, and was defeated. He was getting ready to seize the keys to the city of Moscow, yet hardly came ... more

The pandemic has Netanyahu in a pickle

The global coronavirus pandemic is putting every country’s administration through a test. There are those who pass with flying colors, and those who are failing miserably. The country hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic is, yes you guessed it, th... more

France has now set its sights on Libya’s oil

Africa’s former colonizer France is currently endorsing eastern Libyan warlord General Khalifa Haftar against the UN-recognized Government of National Accord. What adds insult to injury is that France is one of the five permanent members of the UN Ge... more

Meet the Middle East’s new villain!

In the midst of the Cold War, the Moscow-based Soviet Union was supporting the so-called Republicans against the pro-American monarchs in the Middle East. It seemed impossible that any regime in the Middle East would remain afloat without the patrona... more

Is the 'American Century' finally over?

The U.S. was founded on July 4, 1776, with the decision of 13 British colonies to leave the English Monarchy. That's why the Fourth of July is celebrated as the founding day of the U.S. The biggest source of America's wealth was slave labor by Black... more

The 'Afghanistan Quagmire' is pulling Trump further in

As the U.S. struggles with the Covid-19 outbreak, preparations for the presidential elections in November are in full swing. However, Trump will be putting his name in the hat once again without making good on any of his promises to his voters in 201... more

Who is the ‘devil incarnate’ in America?

As one American author once said, the United States is “the best democracy money can buy.” Or it can even be called a “Democracy For the Few." Those who funnel money into Donald Trump’s presidential campaign earned buckets full of money as a return o... more


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