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What’s happening in Saudi Arabia? How does Ankara view it?

The putschist Sisi administration in Egypt, Saudi Arabia’s actual owner of power Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, pro-Saudi Arabian administration in Bahrain and the Crown Prince of the United Arab Emirates Mohammed bin Zayed, who left fingerprints in all the nasty jobs in the Middle East in recent years...

This group of four is trying to build a new order in the Middle East, especially in the Gulf region.

Do I need to write who the “mentor” of this new creation period is?

The names Mohammed bin Zayed and Mohammed bin Salman have been discussed so frequently in Washington that Americans now use the abbreviations MBZ and MBS.


In order to shorten the sentences because of the frequent use of the names.

Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman announced that by the end of October the country will shift to "moderate Islam" by saying, "We will not spend 30 years of our lives trying to deal with extremist ideas, we will destroy them today.”

A harsh step was taken for this project the night before.

Many princes, current and former ministers were detained on charges of “corruption.”

Obviously, the gears of the discharge wheel were actualized quickly.

What are the aims of the project?

We can list the aims of the project run by the four countries as follows:

1.       A future goal suitable to Arab nationalism and secular belief

2.       The maintenance of authoritarian regimes who reject the demands of the people who ask for democracy

3.       To act in synchronization with the U.S. under every situation and condition

4.       To normalize relations with Tel Aviv by protecting the interests of Israel and saying “We all share the same land”

How does Ankara view it?

To think that this “New Middle East Project” does not impact Turkey is no different than an ostrich which buries its head in the ground.

On the June 5, when the coup attempt targeting Qatar was revealed, developments in terms of decision-makers in Ankara were among the “alarming” headlines.

I can summarize the vibes I’m getting with the following sentence:

This moderate attitude is not aware of the symmetry on the opposite side.

In other words, the “thoughts/feelings” of the young prince who seized the reigns in Riyadh has toward a Turkey with the Justice and Development (AK) Party cannot be quite understood.

Or the predictions are not quite considered to be a positive signal.

The improvement of relations after June 5 between Saudi Arabia and Turkey following the Egyptian coup was possible due to President Erdoğan’s patient and attentive attitude.

It was also understood from the “moderate” statements of Erdoğan's spokesman Ibrahim Kalın that the same kind of resistance was preserved in the context of operations carried out the previous night.

Let’s make an addition:

There are many people who believe the idea of the “New Middle East Project” carried out by the four countries listed before is an alternative to the 15-year AK Party experience.

There is a serious amount of data to support this idea.

The U.S. understanding of punishing those who say democracy

The "management model" that successfully brought Islam and democracy together in the early periods of the AK Party and earned praise from the West for this was depicted as a threat since 2011, even though there was nothing to show that Erdoğan has abandoned it, despite the growth of threats like Daesh in a period when there was even greater need for it.


Because it alienates Israel from the region, and democratization of the Middle East reflects the demands of the people.


Because it disrupts Middle East regimes accustomed to ruling people, who ask for democracy, like herding sheep.

For the West, after the Arab Spring, rather than democratic models with free elections, controllable models were preferred. 


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