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Is Turkey’s Covid-19 data really being concealed?

- The difference between the percentage of tests conducted and the number of cases determined daily has started to increase.

- The number of intubated patients has dropped below 1,000 and figures continue to remain in the three-digit range.

- According to daily data, the bracket between the number of recovered patients and new daily positive COVID-19 cases continues to narrow. In other words, the number of those infected with the virus is declining while the number of those recovering is inclining.

These are the sorts of data statistics that form the basis of the views claiming the “virus has been curbed.”

Nonetheless, these data also shed light on the answer to the question, “When will social life start to normalize?” which has been standing before us as a great uncertainty for weeks.

If all goes well, restrictions are going to be eased gradually towards the end of May or early June.

The New York Times reported the other day that the number of deaths in Istanbul is much higher than that which is declared.

It is a far-fetched news report that makes a comparison based on the average number of deaths in the last two years in efforts to justify the real goal of the accusation that “data is concealed.”

This coerced logic was completely refuted with the statement that the corpses of those who passed away in Istanbul as of March 30, 2020, have been prohibited from being taken out of the city.

The truth of the matter is that all affairs are being carried out in a transparent manner.

The number of new COVID-19 cases, the number of recovered patients and number of deaths are all shared as is on a daily basis.

If the number of deaths in Istanbul was to be concealed, the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) municipality that has control over the administration of cemeteries and is waiting ready to ambush the ruling government would be the first to expose this.

The essential point we need to divert our focus towards with respect to this matter is:

As the data announced by Turkey present a success story, those accusing the Turkish government of “concealing data” are trying to prove that this is not possible through such invalid methods. This is due to the fact that existing data are far from presenting any “incompetence” or “bad administration.”

Thus, since it concerns this area, let us share the current data related to the percentage between the number of deaths and cases:

According to an average calculation of total cases per 1 million people, the number of deaths is at 152 in the U.S., 482 in Spain, 423 in Italy, 335 in France, 67 in Germany, and 276 in the U.K. Yet, for Turkey, this number stands at 30 cases per 1 million people. In other words, even Germany, one of the countries whose efforts in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic are shown as exemplary, lost more than double the number of lives compared to Turkey. These figures are the reasons underlying the efforts to sow doubt that “this cannot be possible; there is something fishy going on.”


I had shared some information on Wednesday concerning the background of the issue of the 400,000 protective gowns that the U.K. ordered from Turkey and was somehow resolved while on the verge of becoming a crisis. We received new information regarding this matter.

Ankara had taken a decision in early March due to the coronavirus process stipulating that medical supplies could only be exported with the approval of the Health Ministry.

A “one donation, one sale” formula was developed with respect to the products to be exported within the scope of this approval. In other words, if a company operating in Turkey received an international order of products that are subject to the Health Ministry’s approval, they were permitted to export them on the condition that they donated a quantity of these products equal to the quantity ordered.

Surely, this was an extremely pleasing development for those who were trying to make more money during this process.

We were simultaneously faced with “pressure” through the media in the destination countries expecting the delivery of said products from Turkey.

It was first the respiratory device issue with Spain, and now the protective gown export issue with the U.K.

As the approaches taken by both the manufacturing companies and destination countries to overcome the Health Ministry approval the condition concerning the export of medical supplies started to cause problems under the current circumstances, certain new initiatives were developed.

For example, the protective gowns ordered by the U.K. were eventually exported through the Health Ministry after they were purchased from the manufacturing company by the ministry.

The second piece of news is that the decisions taken in early March were slightly relaxed on Wednesday. The export approval regarding medical supplies – excluding masks – has been amended from the original “one donation, one sale” condition to “three sales, one donation.”


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