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Erdogan policy proven right after Zelenskyy bet everything on the West

Addressing deputies at a Justice and Development (AK) Party meeting, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan made some striking remarks aimed at the Turkish opposition. 

 His statement that started as, “When we consider the matters objected to by the Feb. 28 [the post-modern coup in 1997] alliance,” continued with the following headlines: 

 -We know that they will give up Turkey’s gains, end cross-border operations, withdraw its presence from certain countries, 

 -Hand over the economy to the IMF, 

 -Stop major investments, such as those in the defense industry, the nuclear plant 

 -They will return the S-400s missiles

 -They will get rid of the ATAK helicopters

 -They will end the build-operate-transfer projects

  Even though it’s general knowledge that the alliance formed by the six parties of the Turkish opposition, through the Peoples’ Democracy Party’s (HDP) semi-overt, semi-covert support, only agree upon transitioning from the presidential to the parliamentary system, this cooperation is highly likely to transform into an electoral alliance before of the elections. 

Though they may not trust one another, and do not hesitate to publicly criticize/accuse each other time and again, all of these parties need each other to preserve their claim of being a part of the government. 

Yet, what sort of an administration will they present if they come to power? 

What vision for Turkey do they have?  

Is the position they will take during “dangerous times” (such as the current period) clear?  

Will they assume a position similar to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy?   

Are they considering handing over control of our security and foreign policy to the West, thinking that they will do whatever the West says, thus guaranteeing their positions?  

But isn’t Zelenskyy presently facing the grave consequences of betting all of Ukraine’s money on the Western alliance? Did he not realize – albeit a little too late – that he miscalculated, that not following a more balanced policy toward Russia, that trusting the U.S. and Europe more than necessary drove his country to destruction? 

What do those circles, who made proposals similar to the one suggested by the Taksim Platform, to nationalize the Akkuyu nuclear power plant, and return the S-400s, think about Zelenskyy’s disappointment? 

Is there no lesson to learn, nothing to deduce from everything that is happening? 

Which policy best serves Turkey’s interests: the policy to surrender and not give anything a second thought, or rather a balanced policy with the Western alliance, in which Russia, Ukraine, and Turkey, are also included? 


Today’s opposition vs opposition 120 years ago 

Journalist/historian Murat Bardakçı has recently been writing articles that draw parallels between the opposition’s current state, and its state during the time Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamid was ousted.

These are articles that reiterate how a great empire fell within a decade because of the opposition’s disorganization and extravagance, and indicate that the opposition today is in the same situation. 

During a period in which everyone, including Russian President Vladimir Putin, is acting upon references from history, the thoughts of someone who is very well-versed in Turkey’s recent history should be given special attention. 

I would like to make a few references to Bardakçı’s articles: 

“Toppling Abdulhamid, toppling him regardless of the consequences and, as a matter of fact, getting help from foreign countries to achieve this (did you not also recall Biden’s suggestion to cooperate with the opposition to topple Erdoğan), but not thinking at all about how it will all turn out, how the country will be run after Abdulhamid!”  

“Our opposition is acting in 2022 as it did 120 years ago; in other words, it's living in the 1900s! The sole slogan of the past, cries shouting out “Go!” are rising today as well. But nobody is saying a single word about what will be done, what will happen, what measures will be taken against problems if he [Erdogan] goes!” 

 Don’t these evaluations become more meaningful when connected to Erdoğan’s words above? 



The latest about our trade ships stuck on Ukraine’s shores. 

When Russia took immediate action on Feb. 24 to invade Ukraine, the whole world underwent a shock.

Our two aircraft that went to Kyiv on a transport mission were stranded at the airport because Ukraine’s airspace was closed. 

We additionally have trade ships stuck in the south of Ukraine, in the north of the Black Sea. 

Ankara is communicating with both Russian and Ukrainian officials for the rescue of these ships. 

There were no developments at the time this article was submitted.

 According to information I gathered from security sources, there are about 60 Turkish-flagged ships waiting in the northern Black Sea, on the shores of the Sea of Azov and Odesa. 

 Let us hope that the communication between the two countries leads to results, and these ships are returned home safely. 


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