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From Islamist terror organizations to loving hearts

Like German Chancellor Angela Merkel, there are some Muslims who frequently use the term, “Islamic terrorists”. In fact, this is the crux of our problems. On the one hand, of course, terrorism does not correspond with Islam, as President Recep Tayyip... more

The main theme of new strategic alliances

The European Parliament (EP) has decided to temporarily freeze its negotiations with Turkey. This decision is political and sociological. The Turkish society is however happy that it is no longer under the EU's tutelage. It would be a waste for globa... more

How will the blockade on consciences be lifted?

Today, in a global period which everybody is in alliance with everybody on certain issues and in dispute on certain others, we have no further knowledge other than rumor of what strategies are being planned with Israel through Egypt, Syria, Russia an... more

If love institutionalizes instead of hate...

Last week we were in the Balkans, far from Turkey, where the opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu encouraged the people to stage a bloody riot against the presidential system. We visited dervish lodges and friends and ... more

American version of hatred for Erdoğan and its function

The first time I went to the US was through President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's visit to Washington. Since I actually left journalism long years ago, I did not take part in the airplane photo.Since I did not belong to any “neighborhood,” I did not consi... more

The world as seen from Washington, DC

Just when I had let go of my youthful dreams of rediscovering America, I stepped foot on American soil at the age of 50. Besides, this visit was with the occasion of the President's critical Washington trip. Travelling on the President's plane with j... more

Special representatives of the blood and hate strategy!

I was reading an article on how “The U.S. special representative for the struggle against Daesh met with the YPG and Arab allies in Kobani,” which is ordinary news in a region where we live and breathe war. Suddenly my eyes were fixated on a space be... more

Justice, no matter what!

Many, who, like myself, defended for years that Kurds were oppressed, voted for their party so that they can have representation in Parliament, brought up on the agenda – no matter what – the tyranny of the state in the 1990s through various channels... more

It is the malicious intention that starts the war first

Since when have we been in a war, which was supposed to come all of a sudden? While words were being murdered, character murders were committed; the smear war was going on at a full speed. The difference is so large that it cannot be underestimated.... more

Those striving for a civil war had pulled the pin within us

The press release, which was supposed to take place in the garden of the Amara Culture Center, of three hundred youngsters, who went to Suruç in order to join the re-construction of Kobani, from the Federation of Socialist Youth Associations, had bee... more


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