The rest: Theory, analysis, survey, opinion, interpretation, idea, thought… - LEYLA İPEKÇI

The rest: Theory, analysis, survey, opinion, interpretation, idea, thought…

Ever since we repelled the July 15 invasion attempt with an infinite will, we are expected to reconcile with the language of “human right diplomacy” as if the Kurdistan Workers' Party's (PKK), it's Syrian franchise Democratic Union Party's (PYD) and Daesh's terrorist states are not being established, as if civilians are not being massacred daily, like everything is on a normal course.

We are being threatened by the blood shed by terrorist organizations, but we are expected to keep silent, seeking asylum in peace and humanism discourses. We are directly being threatened by pawns controlled by actors who are our allies. We are being threatened, hit and trying to resist against provocations.

Almost everybody who lives here and who has paid a price in their own lives have been long aware that neither the Gülenist Terror Organization (FETÖ) nor the PKK are independent forces. Actors who have designs on the Middle East want us to close our doors and Windows, while they shed blood, stomach the civilians who have died from the missiles thrown into villages from our borders, overlook the cities massacred by suicide bombers thinking we do not want any more headaches.

They want us to cry peace and turn a blind eye to those who dug the bloodiest trenches in the name of peace. They want us to accept the decisions global powers make about us. And they want this to be “peace at home, peace in the world.” When you do not do this, stand against it and resist along the justice axis, you will be controlled by a fascist dictatorship.

They want us to surrender to a perception like the rate of those laid off from jobs on mistaken charges of being affiliated with FETÖ is in the 90 percent range, like there have been no rapid returns. They say the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) wants to silence its own oppositions, so we can reconcile with killers disguised as democrats, those who are covert and open war mongers, terror fetishists.

If the AK Party and Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) roll their sleeves to make a constitution together, if they ally for presidentialism, the number of those who are concerned that the country will surrender to an authoritarian structure increases. Of course, this risk applies to all political alliances. However, could a presupposition that a justice based decision mechanism and administration will never happen by the nationalists be conscientious?

If our people have laid claim to democracy risking their lives today, is it not because they followed the words of the president, who was tried to be killed because he is the only man? Was it also not the “only man's” stance that convinced to peace the people you refer to as, “They cannot change for the better, they are always against peace,” or “their nationalistic sensitivity is high, they can shift to fascism any moment”? Today, they are raising hell because newspapers that are written by those who are ruining this peace – which has found a response in hearts for the first time – in the name of starting a revolutionary war are being questioned. They are able to once again seek refuge in injustice discourse again like they have never called for war or a coup. Because it seems to be like those who think we are living within normal democratic practices in the country, who live without touching on any painful reality have not been fans of the PKK for years.

The moment you give priority solely to a “democratic practice” independent of the burning Middle East reality and integrity of international alliances in the midst of so much blood and tears, human stories simply cannot remain alive in your life. In the best case you are able to take it in as information: as data, a transfer.

You do not get close to the truth when you use Western sounding sociological terminology to justify your concerns. If there is a veteran mother among your family and friends who resisted against tanks on the night of July 15, just witness day and night what is happening in her environment.

A cousin, nephew, in-law, if any, might have been spellbound by the Gülenists and persuaded with lies, with whom you got into the most absurd debates. If you have an uncle who is head of the personnel department and lost his job due to wrong information and then returned, who is not an AK Party supporter but is patriotic, the contradictions arise in different segments of society. If you have a police officer brother who was martyred in clashes with terrorists, let it get you closer to the pain of the other burning realities different to your family and friends who tell sad guerilla stories with which you are familiar.

In order to wonder what a lawyer who had to defend Gülenists even though he himself if “local and national” went through, you need to have witnessed the noble stance of those like him who you labeled as having a “tendency toward fascism” in different incidents. The actual disconnection begins with the presumption “I know everything.” As long as we cannot realize what you do not know and what you cannot touch, you will be afraid of the “nationalist tendencies of that crazed fascist mass,” and be concerned that we will be driven to authoritarianism. You do not even take into account that it is because of that “submissive mass” that you are continuing your life today.

Yes, of course political authoritarianism is possible. In fact, as qualification has not been pursued in many practices, this authoritarianism has come into flesh and bones. But could it be that your “having fascist tendencies” finding related to the social life is trapped in this unlived perception? Surely justice and injustice is intertwined in every segment. However, to enjoy an unbarred view, we need to be hand in hand and first need to escape the domination of fixed sociological terms and templates.

The more you try to match the molds coded in sociological literature as fascism and patriarchy with the “clear truth” of those who say they are national and local – and for example, nationalist – you become disconnected from the inner voice of the truth. You can smell and touch reality by sensing it within the self and the beloved. The rest is theory, analysis, interpretation, opinion, idea, though… Of course it is valuable, but it is not enough.


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