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The main theme of new strategic alliances

The European Parliament (EP) has decided to temporarily freeze its negotiations with Turkey. This decision is political and sociological. The Turkish society is however happy that it is no longer under the EU's tutelage. It would be a waste for global companies to invest in researching on this perception. This fact has been embedded in the violence, terror, occupation, coups, tutelage and global instigation networks for tens of years.

Besides; this did not happen all at once. Let us put aside the last 40 years, and the last 12 years of negotiations for now. Despite our cries the EU has never heard us, awkwardly and openly it has supported terrorism because of its interests. Nothing will change as long as the EU's attitude continues. The irony is: The EU will continue in this respect. Because this is the reason for its existence.

However, from time to time, we supported the EU membership negotiations against the different plots the pro-tutelage circles executed in order to achieve their dirty government goals. We do not have to join the EU, but this was an opportunity to prevent all kinds of parallel structures within our state, cooperation with terrorism, interest rate lobbies and all kinds of tutelage. It actually helped, too.

In fact, when the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) first came to power, they were the strongest advocates of the negotiations. Moreover, the AK Party had revealed the double-dealing of some of the hypocrite EU supporters within our society during issues like the Cyprus and terrorism issues. The president of the EP also said that they might apply economic sanctions. This will not be met with indignation on a state or civilian level. The European economy is shrinking by the day; therefore, the sanctions they apply on us will affect them before it affects us.

The EU and U.S.: Whenever Europe supported the young guerilla-style rebels that started to sprout after the Gezi incidents, a piece of Europe's spirit was torn away. No longer can any part of the society tolerate this cooperation the West has formed especially after Syria, despite everyone knowing that the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) has been freely operating in Europe.

While millions of refugees have sought asylum in our country, those who thought that the chaos in Syria and Iraq was irrelevant to us are mistaken. This war is our war, too. Everything happening in Mosul and Aleppo concern us, too.

Those who accuse the people arguing this, with fascism, colonialism and imperialism, are so overwhelmed by their interests that they fail to understand the real issue. They were convinced that they could spoil this notion with their incitements, blood, tears and perception operations, just like they did in the past.

The West supporting the sprouts of the PKK during this period of wars was the thing that topped it all. This built an indestructible wall between us. The numerous attacks committed by Daesh and the PKK just made things worse. We will continue to die here and you will try to legitimatize our deaths and the coups and terror attacks! That is all!

The EU's attitude in regards to the Gezi events, the Kobani incidents, the Oct. 6-8 disaster, the Dec. 17 and Dec. 25 coup attempts, the trench wars and bomb attacks throughout the world are rather clear. Moreover, while our government institutions and Parliament were bombed on the night of July 15, and our president and his family just missed being killed, while we lost many lives; Europe supported the attackers. Thus, the European spirit has died for our nation. We had lost the EU spirit for a while now. But there is nothing left at all.

The theme of the Turkish Author's Union's 8th Istanbul Literature Festival was “Literature and Coups.” As a speaker at the festival, I talked about July 15 and its effects on art. Why July 15? (I regard it more than a coup, it was a global occupation attempt.) Does it really have to be related to art in some way? Can it be related at all?

Only four months have passed since the coup attempt. But nothing will change even after four decades. On that night, hundreds and thousands of people hit the streets of their motherland, which is the national will, their democracy, their future; and more than 250 people were martyred. They said, “We are the motherland.” This was an amazing moment to witness.

If we were to give an advisory jurisdiction to the EU, this is what I would have said: If they want to change their politics and improve their diplomatic relations with Turkey, they should look back at the night of July 15 and see where they went wrong.

They should try and understand how people laid down in front of tanks and continued to walk despite being shot. There is yet to be an analysis of this in the EU's human rights report, its identity and belonging ideology, existential philosophy or sociology based on the East-West synthesis. It cannot be understood without a heart-to-heart lesson, without living in it either.

Perhaps this will not be seen in the Shanghai five either. Or in NATO.

But you can only go a certain extent with unwilling alliances. Now justice is needed. A course on love and understanding is needed! This should be the theme of new strategic alliances. Either sooner or later.


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