Special representatives of the blood and hate strategy! - LEYLA İPEKÇI

Special representatives of the blood and hate strategy!

I was reading an article on how “The U.S. special representative for the struggle against Daesh met with the YPG and Arab allies in Kobani,” which is ordinary news in a region where we live and breathe war. Suddenly my eyes were fixated on a space between lines. This government has always had special representatives deployed to different places in the world, since it has been a global actor. Why shouldn't it be a global actor for the struggle against Daesh!

Whether strategic or not, it is routine for the U.S. to have special representatives deployed in countries, continents, regions or sometimes even in suburbs around the world.

On the other hand we don't know how much ground is covered by the U.S. in terms of Daesh. But we know this much: Daesh is a global formation that sends its suicide bombers to different parts of the world to serve countries like Russia and the U.S. which have global ambitions. Although being the abuser itself, it manages to serve the purposes of giant actors too.

While reading the article, I specifically remembered the diplomatic pressure on Turkey before the U.S.'s invasion of Iraq. I kept on saying the co-leaders of new animosities, the special representatives of new conflicts, as I saw the desire the tuxedo-clad bureaucrats had to classify the world. I am afraid there is no other way for domination, invasion and exploitation to happen but through the shedding of the blood of the innocent.

I used to liken bureaucrats who were deployed to countries that had problems but were strategically very important (like our country during that period), to exploitation governors. Meanwhile, I took note of how they explained their blood shedding strategies with an overhead presentation in a courteous and gentle tone, when they are tasked as warmongers.


Certainly, I will not declare the U.S. as the only scapegoat here. This has been the case since the world has been turning. Sometimes shedding blood for interest strategies can have more diplomatic reasons, but generally it is just primitive! Ultimately, the special representatives like the high authorities, invade, take over and have to act very wisely in top-level issues.

Even though they threaten and blackmail, torture and use intelligence games, they have to present courteously and market sophisticatedly.

The strategists of countries that believe they can invade countries , the great Middle East region, thousands of cultures, beliefs, traditions, many spirits, roots, with vulgar language, are sometimes doomed to making unfortunate statements. For example, while the bloody and bloodless massacres on which the reports prepared by so-and-so chiefs of Middle East special representatives, who spoke to one-sided opposition voices in the relevant towns, are out in the open… Understanding the human reality with such reports, positioning, developing strategies and thus some world actors saying “the people will welcome us with flowers” and sending them to Iraq will always be around. Leaving millions of deaths behind...


Global actors that have watched the blood bath in Syria for years, are now making bloody allies and negotiations calling them peace talks. Once again. They were also the ones who incited the conflicts in the Balkans in the 1990s and watched long before intervening. In a country which those who overlook the training of militant girls by a terrorist organization that causes street wars under the name of autonomous rule, ambushes defenseless people and kills them, yet talk about domestic violence against women, sign a “peace” declaration… the special representatives of the global world will of course experience no issues getting their work done. The old chiefs of new animosities!

While the number of civilians killed in Iraq are in the millions, stories of people have been buried in graves, without turning them into books, novels and blockbuster movies. While the number of countries surrendering to the conflict in the Middle East increase by the day: Being propagated as Turks killing Kurds, the number of Kurds in the Turkish military who have died for their country is never documented in these reports.

There is no peace, but there are wars named “peace.” Man will understand this sooner or later. What can the special representatives do if notions like peace and justice fail to fulfill the interests of official or non-official factors! He has been successful if he has managed to pass his old animosity strategies on to newly employed special representatives.


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