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Will Trump be able to dry up the swamp in Washington?

There have been a myriad of comments on how the wave of protests that started with the killing of African-American George Floyd, who was under police custody, will affect the U.S. elections in November 2020.The COVID-19 crisis brought various problem... more

They just won’t let African-Americans catch their breath

As the number of people who lost their lives from coronavirus in the U.S., which has become the epicenter of the global pandemic, exceeded 100,00, more than 30 million Americans have lost their jobs. Meanwhile, the coronavirus outbreak became a mirro... more

Cold War 2.0

Bringing back American business from China was one of the important promises of Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign. When Trump came to office, trade wars erupted between Washington and Beijing. Trump imposed additional tariffs on Chinese goods... more

The other side of the Covid-19 coin: famine and food insecurity

“In one of the richest countries on earth, millions still go hungry each day.”I copied this verbatim from the U.S.-based website news channel “Vox.” This statement was supported by photographs of thousands of Americans queuing up at food banks. Of co... more

Is the United States a superpower or super failure?

One of the reasons that the coronavirus pandemic has hit the United States the hardest is the “American arrogance” that chose to ignore early warning signals of the disease. It is well-known that the U.S. administration is of the (false) opinion that... more

Calling upon America's sins of the past

Both the U.S. and China have made mutual accusations against one other regarding the source of the novel coronavirus. Republicans have gone as far as suggesting that China foot the bill of the epidemic. Twenty-two Republican deputies have requested t... more

Covid-19 has shattered the global illusion of America

It is only natural that the reactions of any country’s administration to the global epidemic will have political consequences. There are leaders who will pass this test, and others who will not. States, governments, leaders, regimes, or administratio... more

Will Trump make China pay for the Covid-19 pandemic?

The coronavirus outbreak that originated in China and quickly turned into a global pandemic is seriously battering the U.S. economy. Despite that, the Trump administration wants to ease the "stay at home" measures and jump-start its economy. To this ... more

The truth behind Koontz’s so-called coronavirus prophecy

Debates claiming that the novel coronavirus is lab-made were prevalent during previous outbreaks as well. Indeed, humanity is also the victim of the evils it is exposed to. History has already revealed what people who lack a moral compass are capable... more

Epidemics are the moral mirror of individuals and society

During times of epidemic, many changes occur in human behavior. These changes should not weaken social values, but rather strengthen them. The social distancing rule in outbreaks is a strategic defense tool. Within the framework of medical science, l... more


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