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Turkstream: The time has come to be a player in the gas game

Turkey has once again carried out a project of historic importance. The first gas flow from Turkstream project, which was inaugurated on January 8, began on January 1. This project is of great importance in many respects and its strategic value goes ... more

Will the next global crisis come from the East?

While we leave behind a very difficult year for the global economy, we could not say the same for the problematic topics that pose a risk for the economic world order.We carry many of these risks with us to 2020, especially with regards to the trade ... more

What can Turkey and the world expect from 2020?

As 2019 comes to a close, we gradually begin to see the outlook for the upcoming year.This topic has become one of fervent interest over the years and is discussed frequently during the final months of the year since it’s only human after all to want... more

Security, law, ethics and Syria

One of the topics that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has recently highlighted was the reason why Turkey had to take matters into its own hands. It was due to the fact that Turkey is experiencing a time where its seeks support from its so-cal... more

What should a free trade deal with the US look like?

One of the hottest topics of last week was the that the U.S. offered to boost its trade volume with Turkey to $100 billion. This positive step in relations that took a nosedive during the F-35 and S-400 period had a positive impact on markets.What i... more

NATO, CAATSA and contradictions

With Turkey purchasing and taking delivery of the Russian S-400 air defense system, fresh arguments have risen. Many analyses have been made on the subject. Naturally, some are of vital significance and some are guiding. However, when generally consi... more

S-400 missiles, sanctions and international law

The delivery of The Russian S-400 systems has for a while now been the hot topic closely followed by economy circles.Because it is well known that with Turkey’s purchase of the defense system, its economy will be directly targeted by sanctions impose... more

What will be the outcome of the G20 leaders’ summit?

In my previous article I had stated that the G20’s lack of a secretariat and the fact that it does not hold the status of being an international organization, the information that emerged as a result of the summits are not binding. Clearly, beyond fi... more

The G20 summit overshadowed by trade wars

The G20 summit this year is going to be held in Japan. The main themes of the summit are global economy, trade and investment, innovation, environment and energy, employment, women’s empowerment, development and health. Meetings continued at various ... more

Trump’s Turkey letter and the need for a new trade roadmap

Last Tuesday, U.S. President Donald Trump wrote a letter to Congress regarding trade with Turkey. In his letter, Trump stated that the Turkish economy is now sufficiently developed and it should be removed from the “General System of Preferences” pro... more

Inequalities, dreams and realities

This year’s World Economic Forum (WEF) summit started last Tuesday in Davos with the theme “Globalization 4.0: Shaping a Global Architecture in the Age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.” We are going to follow the reports and speeches about the me... more

Brexit, Trump, and economic warfare

The world is going through difficult times. The latest developments signal a turbulent process where global balances will be redefined, but economic balances are set to become much more fragile. In this respect, we should focus on the big picture rat... more


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