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The global energy crisis and Turkey’s slice of the pie

I doubt there is another subject so picked apart in the world than the production of energy, along with its storage and transmission. Access to energy, the main input of production, and its costs are topping the agendas of nations across the globe. S... more

What risks await the global economy in the new year?

2021, which we had predicted will be easier and overall better than 2020, turned out to be much more challenging for the global economy. Now as we ring in 2022 with a multitude of risks and uncertainties, ,it’s now more important than ever to predict... more

Will prices plummet in Turkey along with the dollar?

We are going through an era of intensifying global inflationary pressure. We also have seen that repercussions, especially those stemming from the exchange rate, were speedily reflected in prices in Turkey. However, since the beginning of last week, ... more

Will Turkey bid adieu to the G20?

I never thought I would ever feel the need to write something of this sort. However, following the recent fluctuations in Turkey’s exchange rate, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to set the record straight from a technical perspective after comments were m... more

Elon Musk, nuclear energy and economic security

Reading the title of this column, you may not immediately be able to discern the link between these three. So let's dive right in and take a closer look at the issue of nuclear energy.WHAT WAS ELON MUSK'S TWEET?Last Thursday, Elon Musk tweeted about ... more

Was Turkey’s gray listing by the FATF politically driven?

The events of the past few weeks and two issues, which I believe are closely intertwined with each other, posed certain risks for Turkey’s economy. The first of these risks, which entailed the statements by the embassies of ten Western countries, sig... more

What is the outlook for global petrol and gas prices?

Global energy prices are continuing their upward trend. While natural gas prices are breaking records in the United States, the ground is trembling with the fury of the people in Europe. Increasing energy prices have become the world’s main concern. ... more


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