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Türkiye’s energy minister shares crucial information about natural gas outlook

Earlier this week, Turkish Energy and Natural Resources Minister Fatih Dönmez stopped by Yeni Şafak for a visit, where he made a comprehensive assessment of both Türkiye’s and the world's energy issues. We have thus obtained very crucial information that would help us better understand where things are headed.


One of the most important issues on Fatih Dönmez's agenda was rising global energy prices, particularly oil whose price has been on a steady uptick for a while. Stating that 600 billion dollars should be invested every year in order to meet the supply that will correspond to the annual oil demand, Dönmez underlined that this was not possible from the beginning of the pandemic period and that this situation was the main factor behind the sharp increase in prices. According to Dönmez, a solution does not seem very likely in the short term.


Türkiye is a country that is a net importer of energy. Dönmez pointed that 92% of our oil needs and 99% of our natural gas needs are imported, thus emphasizing the importance of Türkiye's gas discovery in the Black Sea.

Another striking bit of information that Dönmez revealed during his statement was the fact that 5,200 people are currently working on 25 ships in order to transmit the natural gas discovered in the Black Sea to the system as soon as possible, and the gas will be available in the first quarter of 2023.

“Domesticity” IN BLACK SEA GAS

Dönmez also shared information that refuted the claims that were tried to be conceptualized with the phrase "Turks are in capable of doing this and that" after the discovery of natural gas in the Black Sea. For example, the unmanned robot "Kaşif" working under the sea is a domestic product. Meanwhile, the system that will filter the gas that will come out of the well has been developed by a Turk. More than two-thirds of the technical personnel working on the ships are Turkish citizens.


As an academic working on economic security, the statement that piqued my interest the most was regarding the exploration of new oil fields. Dönmez gave very critical information by stating that more oil wells were drilled as the security units cleared the fields from terrorism.

In a nutshell, as I have always stated in my columns before, the successful activities of the Police, Gendarmerie, Turkish Armed Forces and National Intelligence Organization in the region have also contributed positively to Türkiye's economy and energy studies, which has also been back by the statements Minister Dönmez made during his visit.


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