Why hasn’t FETÖ fully collapsed? - KEMAL ÖZTÜRK

Why hasn’t FETÖ fully collapsed?

The actions, coup attempt and murders perpetrated by the organization are at a terrifying extent, but I think the structuring of this organization and its system, which turn people in to robots, is lot more frightening.

Just think about it, they killed our people without batting an eye, they bombed Parliament, they crushed the people with tanks; and those who did this, despite being caught, feel no remorse. As a matter of fact, I am sure they are analyzing where they went wrong and planning to do worse when the opportunity arises. This is more horrific than the act itself. For some reason we did not focus much on this aspect.

The organization’s algorithm couldn’t be solved 

It is obvious how many of the people from the organization, other than members of the judiciary, made crucial confessions, how seriously organization members cooperated with the state. It is being said that the confessions are not serious enough to dissolve, collapse the organization’s members within the country, in prisons, and destroy their system. Even those who confessed were full of deceit.

I do not believe we have discovered the algorithm that built this organization, which is keeping it standing and preventing it from collapsing. Hence, we have not been able to strike a blow on the core hub, its actual energy source and the actual ties that turn members into slaves of the organization. This is why the organization has not dissolved, has not collapsed at the desired level.

A year has passed, but we have preferred to discuss the results of the coup. We chose to discuss this matter on an emotional level. Yet, we should have discussed the hows and whys based on scientific research and analysis.

Still, we cannot thank God and our people enough, we are not able to appreciate the political authority enough. We overcame the bloody coup, of such a horrific organization, with the joint efforts of everybody. The efforts of politics, security, judiciary and bureaucracy to date are praiseworthy. They made serious efforts and took risks. However, it is clear, that from now on, we need to battle this more scientifically, profoundly and with more common sense.


The organization’s critical ties

What ties make a person devoted to an organization? How is it that the Fetullah Terror Organization (FETÖ) is able to drastically brainwash people and turn them in to robots? Think about it, despite their education, a general, a professor, an undersecretary, remained in this organization for 40 years without doubts and risked killing people.

How can a person remain in an organization for such a long time without doubting, without suspecting, without questioning, even once? Only one thing makes this possible: Faith.



The first and strongest tie the FETÖ organization uses to enchant its members is faith. Faith is a tie more powerful than knowledge or the mind. You can brainwash a person young enough, to be considered a child, through faith alone and then that brain will believe no other information or statement.

FETÖ has its own specific understanding of religion and the faith system, unlike any other in the Islamic world. Our men of religion, our scientists and intellectuals have not conducted serious research on this deviant belief system filled with superstitions and adorned with dreams. Not a single effective fight was put up targeting the organization’s strongest tie. Organization members are not convinced when they are told about how atrocious the organization actually is. We need to produce arguments that will lead to the organization’s belief system being questioned.

We are not too late. The Presidency of Religious Affairs and our universities need to include this matter on their agenda and start working immediately.


The organization’s second most important tie is power. This organization has shown the people how powerful it is at every opportunity. This was the reason why everyone from the bureaucracy to the judiciary, military to the business world visited Pennsylvania in groups.

If organization members are currently not revealing anything at courts, making confessions, giving information, it means they have trust in their organization. They still believe the organization is stronger than the state. They believe it is going to save them.

Their connections abroad, the activities of the diaspora on the outside, their propaganda strengthen the perception that the organization is powerful. The state’s endeavors to destroy this perception were insufficient. Think about it, we still have no public diplomacy institute to coordinate this matter.

Trust in the state

For an organization member to cooperate with the state in court or prison, they need to be provided security of life and property. Organization members in prisons immediately mark those who are slightly in doubt, who are going to confess in court. If they are unable to convince them, they will go to the extent of killing them.

The just prosecution process is a part of this security. The argument currently most in use by the organization is the mistakes the state is making in the fight against the organization. Saying, “You can’t trust a state like this,” they prevent members from breaking away.

The state making mistakes, creating victims in such a massive trauma and struggle is normal. If the state establishes a sound system that will eliminate this, people’s trust in the state can be restored. Unfortunately even the committee established for this reason is yet to function properly.

Then all organization members, victims, their families become enemies of the state. This is the feeling the organization uses. Sadly, the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) is also adding fuel to this fire.

New paradigm in the fight against FETÖ

 As a result, we need a change the paradigm in the fight against FETÖ. It has been a year. We have overcome the critical stage. We can now produce deeper, more scientific, more rational methods of fighting.

We need to find urgent formulas, especially for just prosecution, the elimination of victimization, the correction of mistakes, a new media language and strong communication strategies. These will eliminate the organization’s strongest arguments.

That is when the organization’s dissolution, its collapse will gain pace.


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