While waiting for Erdoğan - KEMAL ÖZTÜRK

While waiting for Erdoğan

Everyone is waiting for the decisions President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is expected to make. The tension that was supposed to decrease after the April 16 referendum, the road map that is expected to be planned, and the policies the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) will follow, now are all dependent on the decisions Erdoğan is expected to make. Everyone is focused on the next step President Erdoğan will take after becoming a member of the AK Party today, this will start a new page in political history.


Last week, I visited a few cities in Anatolia. I already knew what the situation was like in the cities in the west, so now I got the chance to see what the situation was in the groups in the Anatolian cities.

They are not acting as if they have achieved victory, instead they are acting as a party's organization group that is in need of a new road map. They are trying to understand the reasons that have caused a drop in the spirit, the sincerity and the solidarity from 2002.

They are questioning the disease of favoritism that has taken over the groups, the reasons for breaking off from the big ideals and the pampering of those after little stakes. They are self-criticizing the annoying discriminatory tone the pro-AK Party media is using.

They are in hope that there will be a return to the good old, sincere, idealist, magnificent days once Erdoğan takes his place as chairman of the party again.

So the AK Party groups are waiting for Erdoğan.


The political world, which experienced a great concussion with the referendum, is also waiting for Erdoğan's decision. While the opposition argues that something new is needed in the right and left, they too await Erdogan's decision.

Their dreams will come to naught if Erdoğan returns to the days he embraced all of Turkey and its people. If he makes a counter-decision, politics will enter a head spinning period.

So politics waits for Erdoğan


Bureaucracy will experience the most radical change in the history of the Republic. The parliamentarian system period will end, the usual prime ministry system will end and a new presidential system will come into effect.

It waits anxiously, curiously and in excitement. If Erdoğan redesigns human resources according to competency and suitability while restructuring the state, this will be the start of a nightmare for many bureaucrats.

New directors, new faces, new systems will come into effect, and Turkey, which has been living half paralyzed for some time now, will witness the journey back to a period in which production is priority. Otherwise the burden on the shoulders of the country will only increase.

So bureaucracy waits for Erdoğan.


The media, which lost its respectability and reliability after receiving a strong blow in the Feb. 28 period, is in a similar crisis too. The media probably caused the greatest damage to the AK Party during the referendum period. Everyone is complaining about this.

Will the domination of those schizophrenic traitors, who can threaten everyone continue? Everyone will wait for Erdoğan's decision to see what will happen.

Will we move on to a respectable, elite media, which can compete with the world media and become the voice of its country? Or will we continue to live in an order, which will only lose its respectability by the day?

So the media waits for Erdoğan.


First, visits to the east and then meetings with Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Donald Trump. The West expects important decisions to be made concerning strained ties with Europe, commercial relations that have lost balance and the shaken alliance. The business world, the media, politics and the social society all wait.

Will the West continue to adopt its hostile attitude toward Turkey, or will they start with a new page? How will Turkey's foreign policies be shaped, which actors will be active during this process?

What will Turkey's future layout look like? The decisions Erdoğan is expected to make will be effective in this.

So Europe waits for Erdoğan.


The business world, the actors of economy are waiting for Erdoğan.

The devout, who are said to be rectified, the conservatives are waiting for Erdoğan.

The Kurds, who changed the course of the referendum with their votes, are waiting for Erdoğan. The citizens, who are tired of coups, tension, elections and arguments, are waiting for Erdoğan. The youth, who have become more active in politics, are waiting for Erdoğan.


After becoming the chairman of his party, choosing the Central Decision Board (MKYK) and confirming the cabinet, everyone will see what the politics of Erdoğan will be like in the future, which minister will be put forward and which ones will he pull back.

Which politician will he put in the spotlight and which ones will he ask to take a rest?

Will he bring his old fellow companions back into the picture or not?

Everything will become clear very soon.

Erdoğan likes to surprise people.

Maybe he will distribute the eggs instead of putting them all in one basket.

I'm not sure. These are hard and critical decisions. May God help him in making the right ones. All I know is that everyone waits for Erdoğan, as if waiting for Godot.

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