What will AK Party say on the morning of April 17? - KEMAL ÖZTÜRK

What will AK Party say on the morning of April 17?

I am more curious about what is said after an election, rather than being curious about the things said prior to it. What will happen when the ballot boxes are opened, when the people's decision is revealed and when everybody puts their thinking caps on? I am always more curious about these questions.

The biggest changes in politics, sociology and economy are made when ballot boxes are opened and statements are made. New alliances, divisions, resignations and new assignments... the main dynamics of change are made after an election.

Everyone is curious about what the AK Party will say after the election

The issue doesn't exactly happen like this in Turkey. Because for the past 15 years it is the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) that has been winning the elections, the others lose the elections but in the end, nothing changes in politics. Isn't it peculiar that the AK Party's chairman changed four times despite it winning the elections, but the opposition parties haven't really had any major changes despite losing?

For this reason, it can be said that the AK Party is only competing against itself. This isn't necessarily a good thing. The world renowned athlete Ussain Bolt had said, "If there was a competitor to challenge me, I would be breaking more records." If there was an opposition that successfully challenged the AK Party, it probably would have made more achievements. Therefore, on the morning after the referendum, people will listen to what the AK Party has to say rather than listening to the opposition. Whether the result is "yes" or "no," what the AK Party has to say is of greater importance.

The people are tired

The country has focused on the aftermath of the referendum. Nearly everything has been postponed to after the referendum. Everyone and everything from the economy to foreign politics, from education to bureaucracy, has been put on pause and is waiting to hear what the AK Party will say after the referendum. As a country, we have been through times of great turmoil. Our country experienced some of the toughest times in its history. We lost our people, our loved ones sacrificed themselves for our country. The nation is tired. We are all tired. The only thing we want and need now is peace and quiet. This tension, stress and division cannot go on for long. The nation cannot take this any longer.

Whatever the decision may be, it is the AK Party that will truly calm the nation and cease the tension. We truly need to start on a new page. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is the only person to ensure this. He is the only one who can embrace the whole society and end the tension. Therefore, the nation will have all eyes and ears on what Erdoğan has to say, after the ballot boxes are opened.

What he has to say is even more important than If the decision is "yes." As the leader who wins the race, he has to extend a hand to everyone, embrace all and open a brand new page. Turkey, which will start using a new system if the answer is "yes," will be moving into a new stage in terms of the society peacefully compromising and living together in harmony.

We are stuck. It doesn't look like the hostile attitude the European countries have adopted against Turkey will end any time soon. We don't know what the cost of the U.S.'s unbalanced politics will be for us. The fire in the Middle East won't be put out any time soon. Therefore, Turkey needs to ensure that it establishes unity, stability and a powerful defense within its borders. The AK Party is the country's biggest party that garners votes from people of all walks of life and stands in power.

AK Party's responsibilities are increasing

Especially if it gets the license from the people to restructure the state, reorganize the system and bureaucracy, there is no need to mention how ponderous the Party's responsibility will become. Just think about it, a system that will continue on for tens of years will be established.

It should not be forgotten that on the morning of April 17, the AK Party's job and responsibility will be to prepare the nation and state for the new system. After two years of preparation it will once again stand before the nation and get an approval to start running the system. For this reason, everything the AK Party says and does in the next two years will be crucial. If the result that comes out of the ballot box is "no" it is again the AK Party's job to end the tension and open a new page. Everyone will curiously wait and see how the party will act, respond to the result and choose a policy to follow.

A new period will start for the opposition no matter what the result may be. It seems that whether the answer is yes or no, there will be major changes in the opposition wing. Although no changes have taken place for the past eight elections, it isn't possible for change not to occur after a new system is put in place.

The opposition has many responsibilities to prevent the rise of tensions and to assure that the nation and country transition in to a calm and peaceful period. Let's hope that they meet our expectations this time around.

The hope that good days will come

I don't know why but I have hope that good days are around the corner. I don't know whether it is because of spring or the fact that I am an optimist. I believe that the result that comes out of the ballot box on Sunday will be for the good of the nation.

As citizens, we too have responsibilities on the morning of April 17th. For example, as a journalist, I will continue to write; not forgetting my nation and not forgetting that this is a milestone. I will continue to do my job in the best possible way, continue to write about the rights and continue to criticize the wrongs. I will vote "yes" but I will not discriminate against anyone (as long as they don't have links to terrorism) who voted "no" on the morning of April 17th. I will not blame or marginalize them. I hope that everyone knows and fulfills their responsibilities properly.

I hope we wake up on the morning of April 17th to a country that is happy.


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